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beatiful movie about newbie Hunter player

Hi Punk :v
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Congratulations to the new trials ! Don and Trip hhh And as always Nathan well written news mate, it was lovely to read.

Let's keep waiting for the server ahree
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1 year ago
Hello community! 
It's been a while since I uploaded a map video, well it was a re-upload but still.

ZeeT contacted me to record the first chapter of his new project. He will be mapping this with track mini series. Next chapter is going to be released soon. Stay tuned. 

I just loved the map, it's something short and easy right now but who knows if it'll become harder.

[b]I hope you will like the video, this time I tried to bring a good ColorCorrection. I played a bit these days with the program to get used on it once again, and I hope I got the right one (CC). I'll be improving my intros. But afterall, I hope you will like it, if you did, then thank this map thread! See you on the next video! Peace [Image: %3C3.png]

----------------------------------------Video Information---------------------------------------

1080p60 is advised.
Infernus by [b]Micra
 (M1cra v5 Nitroshi Wheels)
Lights by NitroN
FFS Intro by NitroN
Recording program used ''ShadowPlay"
Editing program used ''Sony Vegas 14"
Song name: ZAYDE WØLF - KING

[b]You can contact me on:
Best regards, KastyTV.

Since many of you noticed I'm back at recordings, SK already contacted me to re-record one of his map series with Chipy and Synchronice named Everlasting

The original recorder was mTH but sadly he had to delete the video. 

I'm re-recording this to show once again my back at recordings. About the edit, I didn't put any intro because I completely forgot how to use "Cameratool" xd. But don't worry about it because I'm going to watch some tutorials again and make some sick intros on my future videos!  Plus I have a new intro, I hope I introduced my new intro well, I tried to make a drop edit with it. It looks pretty good for me! And about the ColorCorrection, I hope I made a decent one, 2 years almost I am not touching this stuff. I'll be improving it, no doubt! But afterall, I hope you will like it, if you did thank this map thread! See you on the next video ! Peace [Image: %3C3.png]

----------------------------------------Video Information---------------------------------------

Infernus by NitroN (M1cra v3 Nitroshi Wheels)

Lights by NitroN

FFS Intro by NitroN

Recording program used ''ShadowPlay"

Editing program used ''Sony Vegas 14"

Song name: map's song

Skype: joan.salamanca

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2 years ago
Another matee leaving the game :( You gonna be missed Ricardo! :heart:
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left a reply on RE: Goodbye Flare
2 years ago
Best of luck Flare, our lovely mate  :-/   :heart: :heart: :heart:
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2 years ago
Hellow & Welcome to our communityy!! :P
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2 years ago
just go cw
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2 years ago
tich me senpai ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)