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RE: The Crew vs Zenosyne
Was enjoyable till I get ban for being fair, gg wp
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8 months ago
Good luck boys specially soxy
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10 months ago
Was enjoyable till I get ban for being fair, gg wp
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11 months ago
founderyder carrytime
Well written news, Make recruitment wanna see mokka with tc tag at least for once
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1 year ago
Thanks everyone for your good wishes ! I love you all
(including mokka)
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2 years ago
We were in pvp with s33n,thats why i used this song
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started new topic FoundeR's Hunter Montage
2 years ago
This is a compilation of some hunter fights that i had. Hope you enjoy the video.
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left a reply on RE: GoreX says hello
2 years ago
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2 years ago
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started new topic FoundeR's Intro
2 years ago
Hello there,
I would like to introduce myself.
My name is Fatih (FoundeR in game), I am 17 years old and I am living in Kirklareli-Turkey. I am 180 cm and 80 kg atm. I really like to play football and Iam playing as a goolkeeper My hobbies are playing football, Video games and watching Fantastic movies.I am last grade in high school and studying for University exam.We are learning english& german in this school(pretty bad at both)
I started to play mta in 2010 or so in  SKC server. I've meet with some TfF members there they invited me TfF server and I started to play in it. I found some good players in it between 2010-2016 ( rikuz(hdp), Default437, OxY,  etc.) 
I've been In some small clans
~TS~ ( Twin Stars) (2013)
Emp| ( Elite Master Players)
>VIP< ( Very Important Players)
SHC// ( Small Hustlers Crew)
EfE# ( Eye for An Eye)
-ftw- (For The Win) :P
|Dws| ( Down with the sickness) ( My own clan)
/TfF\ ( The Favoured Few) Iam still in it.
If you wanna contact me;