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BETA Testers & Discover The Crew
[Image: sWxPc8D.png]
[Image: bhnFanW.png]   The Crew Gaming BETA  
Let's keep the announcement brief. With a satisfying amount of 200 registered applicants to win early access to The Crew Gaming, we are ready to move on and continue our preparation for the BETA tests. Those 2 weeks passed by very quickly and I'm sure that for some of you, it's been a long wait to see your name in our testers list. The following pick of players is not the final one and only directly selected players are listed below:
     1. Corex,
     2. BliZarD,
     3. OxY,
     4. Unix,
     5. Siisti-C,
     6. Divi,
     7. Wolf_Pack,
     8. Ramsy,
     9. Canky,
     10. DizzasTeR,
     11. Gallardo,
     12. PunK,
     13. chris1384,
     14. KenZo,
     15. Oso.cp.
Please note that THIS IS NOT THE FINAL PICK. We've decided to select over 15 testers, therefore the randomly selected lucky ones, as well as those who are in the list, will see a congratulating message at together with their unique BETA access key generated as XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX.
Discover The Crew Gaming has been teased 2 weeks ago, just when we opened registration to BETA. It's been kept as secret ever since until now, meaning that we are ready to introduce it to community players. Discover The Crew is an event which will take place during next week (7 days, every day at 18:00 GMT) and on which we will reveal 7 different features of our server. Each introduction will contain a brief description of particular feature, including screenshots and ability to discuss them in our forums. We believe that after such a long wait, you deserve to see what we are actually preparing for the sake of greatest gaming experience. 
Just like 2 weeks ago, we've prepared a special page to access Discover The Crew Gaming:
      Announcement revealing the date of BETA tests will come next weekend with the ending of Discover The Crew. We certainly hope that during the next week, you will realize that every single second of waiting is definitely worth it. Until then!
People that won a BETA key in any sort of contest and did not register in our BETA program please PM our administration (sEEk, Simas, Xiti) and we will generate the key for you manually.
-Administration of The Crew Gaming
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started new topic Quick Trial Announcement
9 months ago
[Image: background.aaa36dbe.jpg]

Hello, hi, yes I'm still alive, just busy with real life stuff and cool projects, but I'm still here managing this awesome team which is the best community I've ever seen in my almost 10 years career in this game. Because of this, I'm proud and happy to announce the next trials of The Crew Gaming,which hopefully will become a core part of our family and stick with us even in darker times. So without further ado, this is the list of the new guys:

  • Ron1
  • SandwaveZ
  • Founder
  • Beyond
  • Claw

Some of them are familiar faces, some of them are new, but for sure with all of them we can build great things together. I expect from them to give their best to the clan, skills, ideas or activity, because by only being proactive we can be at the top of the scene. Hopefully we will have a great time together and that they will boost our competitive side, especially DM, in the upcoming events and matches.

Also the server will be done when it's done, thanks for asking 1-2 :*

Thanks for sticking 'till now guys, bye and see you soon, maybe even on our server haha!
A wild tcn appeared.

Good luck trials try not to leave or get kicked thanks :)

Also server sooner or later, have faith!!!
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1 year ago
[Video: http://]
easy one
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1 year ago

[Video: http://]
lol we're doing this shiet for 2 years already, feels good
also accept darkyz omg
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left a reply on RE: Change A letter
2 years ago
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2 years ago
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2 years ago
15-16 :)
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left a reply on RE: TC vs. 6s #2
2 years ago
The Crew  12 - 8  Sixth Sense

After a really long clanwar, we finally managed to win versus Sixth Sense with an honorable score of 12-8. We're proud that we took revenge after the last game played versus them, where they won at the limit (11-10) and that we finally showed who's better. Even if we started pretty bad (2-5), we managed to get back into the game and comeback™ like everytime, to 8-5 and eventually to 12-7, when we relaxed and let the game finish at the aforementioned score of 12-8. It's pretty unexpected because we didn't train that much in the last days, some of our players could play the first half only, and we all thought that we're gonna lose. But well, power of surprise I guess. Thanks to Sixth Sense for the great game we had tonight, good luck in the future!

MVPs (everyone lol):


Also thanks to everyone who refereed, streamed and helped us with the game!
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2 years ago
The calm before the storm.