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The Crew News #65 - A Year's Conclusion
[Image: DkW6cte.jpg?1]Greetings! A very warm welcome on this snow deprived Sunday morning. We have not seen each other for so long.. yes, that was a reference. Such conversational language you say! Yes, that is just how I write, prove me right or wrong, you can't because that is just my style. Moving that bullshizzle aside; the last article was released exactly two months and two days ago, so yes, it was a while ago. But I've made ridiculous excuses then about why I am not going to continue working on the news, and I still go by them. Now is now and I am providing you with yet another article of the not-so now daily news. Reasoning being quite obvious and in fact some of you may already know of why it is, we are approaching the end of the year very quickly and I've got some things to say about where TCN is going to go as well as answering the question 'when'. Yes, you can read that again if you will, but that is what is going to happen. We've got some stuff to provide you with as well; I can't express that any better, take it as it is... 'stuff'. What's going to go next is well.. news. I sincerely hope you enjoy this release. 
[Image: abeuH5p.png]
[Image: DkW6cte.jpg?1]
Full Size Link, HERE
The website is prepared with the usage of the latest technologies and trends in the front-end. What you are seeing on the picture is the working API. The website and our server use the API, and this is what the API can really do. When it comes to giving a date for when the website will be released for the general public - January of 2018 (1-2 days™) it is. Early access will be given to The Crew Gaming members for testing, as well as for the purpose of eliminating any errors.
That message was from Xiti himself and.. we really hope you enjoy the picture WITHOUT any blur.
have talked to you about updates. Not sure if it would be proper to call them as such because we are going to have yet another pause for the article, which was to be expected. We are awaiting for the new website to pop up so it will at last be a comfort for both yourself and myself to work and present whatever information or work that we want on the forums. I've been going in loops trying to explain myself when talking about writing on this forum, it is not good and it is painful for me as I am the one who usually uses the forum the most from all of us for obvious reasons. I've talked about how I can start thinking about how it would be best to approach the article from now. And I've got an image of what I want to do with it, basing all of my choices from most of the feedback that I've taken throughout the whole series of course. If it is going to be accepted by our managment to an acceptable point where I can carry it out, it is going to take much more work but I believe that it may be more effective when it comes to putting it out there. I am not going to say much more about it as it is still going through a harsh time of metamorphosis, this idea of mine. When we will have a working new forum, I will execute the first step towards presenting it to you, the readers.
[Image: Ii5e3Gx.png]
[Image: qUVKDdN.png]
How.. memorable
'Z' became quite the recognizable letter in the community. And so it moves on through the time and perhaps the struggles of indeed, the time that it faces. First off, ovations for the quite interesting name that you've given to your team, it is all about the rapid sensation of time progression, it makes sense; especially looking at the fact of knowing where most of the community is standing right now, very positive. Darking's ideology of creating this clan became clear to us a in November when himself and Tony have recruited 16 people for the job of starting up the community. Their objective is to create something that is worth its time and something that will pay off through hard work. They are working on a stable clanwar server for all of the great clanwars to take place. It is looking good so far, I like the idea and I like the psychology behind the idea as well. I wish you all the best of luck chaps and lots of success' in the new year.

[Image: R0Vndlm.png?1]
I have fallen into peer pressure of some people in the clan to talk about this, and I will, as even for this release I don't have that much topics to cover. What am I even talking about.. huh. I am talking about (->) Kasty's YouTube channel (<-) of course. It apparently had quite a dynamic history with a constant input of viewers to his channel. Its mostly about MTA.. mostly but its worth taking a look at as he likes being creative with what he presents, stepping back and taking a look at his first work just shows us how something innocent might grow in a rapid fashion. All I am asking you to do is to take a look and see what you think and if you like it. If you don't bother looking at it, then don't but if you do.. well what can I say, I am sure Kasty will highly appreciate that himself.

[Image: S4fjCvw.png?1]
This is the good stuff
So when it comes to L7 going that perfect way of introducing OS, it happened and it is still happening. Before I mention anything specific about our latest feat against xN I will have to mention some other things as well, as this paragraph is devoted to the competitive side of things that were going on in our clan too. There have been ups and downs.. ups.. downs. But when it comes to our WFF or L7 team they are going strong, discussing all that is important with progressing and improvement in the team and that is what I like, everybody is working together and discussing on how everbody's doing. However typical this may sound, this is what is actually going on, and Krzysztof is doing a great job on leading the team very well. We've had a DM clanwar before, I cannot look at any sources at this moment but as far as I remember we were successful with that one. When it comes to the game that happened on Friday, well.. xN is always looking strong and we've been aware of that, there were complications with people's health and so on, things happen in life, and if they happen in many lives it all goes to hell as some say. It came out with 87-53 for xN but we've still put up a good fight.. obviously that is not good enough and the peeps at the squad are deciding to come back strong in the next match, but for now.. obviously all of us need a rest for the holidays. And as always when it comes to the competitive side of things, we'll see what time will bring.
[Image: Ii5e3Gx.png]
[Image: nJWkq7Z.jpg?1]
Art Special by DarkFly
Sad times have come my friends, the only piece of art made that actually met the requirements I've asked for that day. Thank you DarkFly for this piece, this is just what I've asked for.

Well executed!
Putting the hell to the yeah, I totally agree that this map is well executed, very well executed in fact. My one and only reason for that is that when you attempt to pass this map, you just drive and drive and that's great.. the length of the map is perfectly suited for the style of this map, this nice and smooth style of mapping should contain parts that will entertain you by introducing something new each time but keeping the excitement levels up through building up the length of the map. And that is exactly what this map is achieving, looking at the names of the guys who have created the map straight away resembles the feeling of experience that will be felt throughout the map, and that is key. Riser, our very fine friend has done an incredible job on editing the footage for the map and as always bringing the greatest quality ever. I was thinking about something lately, and its actually quite funny because if newly released maps would be played in a big screen cinema, for example; as in to show a premiere of a map.. this map would surely deserve a standing ovation at the very end. So, well done to all.
I was writing this article in bits, different time periods and different emotional states, that is why you might have noticed different moods spread around the styles of writing, I apologize about that. I am writing this bit at a late time and it is hard to focus.. without music and coffee I think I would have fallen asleep while typing this as I think a lot when writing those articles. But things aside, it is holiday time.. for those of you who celebrate Xmas.. happy Xmas and I really hope you spend your time with family with the thought of knowing that this time is valuable and you should appreciate it as much as possible. If you don't celebrate it, well.. happy holidays! New year is coming up, and as some of you who may know me, I'm not too big of a party person, just going to watch the good stuff from the outside... but a happy new year to you all as well, lets hope that as we grow older our knowledge and common sense will grow in equal amounts. 2018 is the year when everything is going to be launched, its the year when everything will kick off when it comes to TC. You will be able to taste the ultimate magnitude of our professional consistency when it comes to presentation very soon, it all is taking time but we are getting through it, some better than others but it is what it is. The next time I will see you will be next year and who knows when I will see you then, it all depends, as always :^). Enjoy yourselves, from all of us at TC., have an amazing wrap up of the year and a fancy start to the new one!

[Image: 0PBd8Mw.png]

 © The Crew Gaming 2017
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5 months ago
Hello there, ah yes, we meet again. To those of you who follow our community still to this point, I surely do thank you. It means a lot, no matter of what your stance is on the current pause that is happening, I really appreciate that you are still with us. I haven't seen this editor for a good few months, and for me personally a lot has happened, like a lot of stuff, mostly negative stuff, but there were some major positives going on there as well. How have you all been keeping?  What has lead me to decide that I will not write articles for a few months is a lot happening my life, like starting my full time job and primarily the lack of activity that has been going on as well. What has lead me to decide to write this today is just missing typing those articles for you all. We gotta keep moving to that #100. After all, will always be able to look back at these times and just enjoy that better times have came, isn't that right? This article isn't going to have much news from the general side of the game, but more from us, the community side. You can also expect some maps; although. If you aren't too keen on the more personal side to the community and would like some more concrete stuff, you can get disappointed through this release, so I'd just like to clarify that this article won't be too exciting for the majority of you fine people.
[Image: NAA0pC9.png]
Thank @'TC|Cherrys  for that awesome logo, not me!

[Image: QYTEs0g.png?1][Image: ebquPJY.png?1] [Image: bFW5AVv.png?1]
As you can see, I have posted multiple images above. I have posted them in hope that they will all be like eye candy for you all, they surely are for me. And I would like to thanks the artists for creating them. First of all, the first two images are made by the locally unknown but fantastically talented individual @iMeMPlayZ.  So, the story with that is as follows: I have created a small little announcement on our Discord a few days ago asking for you guys to create something for us, if it is possible. I haven't really said what it was for, but it was most likely quite obvious for you all to guess. But, a few days after the announcement the man himself has posted that he has done these from SCRATCH, and I was shocked, he hasn't used any templates or anything similar of such sorts.  So, if he is interested, I will continue negotiating with him for further work with us in the community. Well done to him, and what do you think about his work?

The second piece of art is made by @'TC|Cherrys. He has also made an absolutely fantastic job with the art he has made, it's dynamic, there is a lot going on and it is really clean. I love that. Cherrys is our guy for doing art, inside-community wise kinda way, and at the same time, I've always thought he had amazing skill and some good experience which I am helping him to build up through requesting such images. It is great to see a person progress with their skills. Thanks to the two of the guys for this absolutely stellar piece of art you guys have brought. In all honesty, without you two, I wouldn't be able to fill this article up as much as I would personally like it to be filled up.
[Image: wffpcQ7.png?1]
So, this is something that hasn't happened on the news before. But this is indeed community-related news! Something absolutely spectacular has happened recently. So, if any of you old guys from DM remember Ron, the legendary mapper, the legendary man, the legendary friend and now the legendary husband has gotten married! Ron has had a huge influence on the DM community and how the maps were structured, he also is an amazing man and a great friend who has came back to us in TC recently. I have thought that it would be very important to share that he has gotten married some time ago with his beautiful wife. No matter if you know Ron from his maps, or you are new in the community and know him, hell if you don't know him, congratulate him, I have followed him for years, since I was a young kid, absolutely fan-boying about his new maps when they each one came out and now I am able to share this news from him towards you all. A great feeling. I personally wish you two all the best, like all the best that there is, may there be a huge amount of strength, wisdom and love in your life. 

Well, if it isn't Cosa Nostra for today, I don't know who is! Cosa Nostra has always been a mapper whom we all followed back in the day, I believe that most of us have followed the mapper and played the maps very frequently back then. When I say 'back then', I am referring to the times at which we all have kind of enjoyed playing the game the most. 2012-2015, times as such, for example. When it comes to this map itself, first of all, it is amazing to see. This is a typical Cosa Nostra map when it comes to the smoothness and the feeling of the overall play-through. Although the atmosphere is lovely. I love the theme of blue in this map and how simplistic it looks. The right amount of deco was used for a Cosa Nostra map and this surely was an enjoyable watch. Cosa Nostra, if you are reading this, you should know that I always sucked at your maps, but I always played them with a passion, it always felt like a great challenge to me to get as far as I could in your maps. This sounds funny, but yeah, that's just how bad I am ; ) 

I'm gonna keep it short: This map is metal, it is great, has a fantastic feeling to it, and overall badass and sh*t! \m/ @BriaN
a masterpiece btw, well done you guys!!!

So, on this note, we come to and end of this news release. I cannot tell you when you can look out for the next. But I am going to try for the next time to bring you something server related. I have the ability to be able to bring you something for the next time with a high certainty. Therefore, you can count on something and know that I am going to try and bring you a practical piece of news. It is late, I am tired, going off to work tomorrow, life couldn't be any better! I hope you all out there are safe, keeping healthy and please update me on what's up in your life, and how its all going, I genuinely am interested. Until next time my friends, keep it legal! 
© The Crew Gaming 2019
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left a reply on RE: Meme Thread
7 months ago
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8 months ago
Ahh yes, here we go again. Hello there guys, welcome back to yet another release of the news! And lately, a little less daily than we were hoping to but that fits in the general local theme of waiting around. What have we been doing? Well, there has quite a bit been happening in the community but today we have some more updates for you that I hope to share with you. Last time we have seen each other in February, at the start with the previous 75th release and at the end with a small update. Both threads have been brought to you by @'TC|nuRdy. He has done very well. I, at the time have been doing my mock exams and next month in June, I will be having my final exams which thereafter will bring some extraordinary changes to my life. Less on that anyway. We are here now in May, in the midst of the Spring season. So please join me for a quick and yet exciting for some of us in the crowd release today.
[Image: 4PT5567.png]
[Image: yp15Bt9.png]
Yes, you all are correct as you people who have been following us in the past for an extensive while do know what it means when I insert the plain TC logo right at the start of the article. This is correct, we've got some very much new fresh meat! We would like to welcome in some new faces today to our community. So please gather around and get excited as today we welcome:

-MaTTeX (@'TC|MaTTeX99  )
-PaVcIoo (@'TC|PaVcIoo )
-Ceeser   (@'TC|Ceeser  )

And uhh, yeah.. hi! These guys here are the elite when it comes to experience in this game, they've all been playing for a long period of time and I have met them previously in my career personally. We hope that you all behave and enjoy your time here in our community. So please, give them chaps a warm welcome.

[Image: sPuGTmU.png]
Ace Verso, we have decided that it is extremely important to cover something as fresh as what these guys are delivering to us. WW is doing an absolutely stellar job making us all hyped for what is about to come when it comes to that particular community. And in this thread here, WW is bringing to us an update when it comes to two features. The map uploader and the map testing process. He has also told us of an exciting Map Income feature which is something that I have been looking forward to seeing myself for the past years. It pretty much is rewarding the author of a certain map every time the map is purchased by the players in the form of server money income. This is something brand new and we always love seeing brand new things as a big group of people who follow this scene. So, thanks very much to the whole AV team and WW of course for providing us with a topic for today.
        [Image: jgHaTvQ.jpg?2][Image: nDDvCfz.jpg?2]
You may wander what these are, well that is a good thing to ponder about... well, have you took your guess? I will tell you as of now, a while ago from now Mirage has shared some sneak peeks for all of us when it comes to Vultaic. Vultaic are doing quite well as a community and as a server, I have been visiting them at times and I have enjoyed my overall experience there thus far. These sneak peeks are surely looking exciting and we hope to see some more things from you all soon as well. If you would like full HD pictures of these, you can press on each picture to get a better quality version of each of those images, of course.. they are blurred for a reason :-) 
 BriaN Ft Skaarj Ft FachX Ft Rampage - Dark Saints II
This map has made me speechless, quite literally. Dark Saints. It has been a while since this map has been released although, the perfection and the absolute experienced MTA DM Mapping craftsmanship is insanely well carried out in this one. I would be insulting @BriaN  and the crew for not putting this map up in this article today. People might indeed have mixed opinions about this map but what I can say is that this map simply outperforms any map thats been released this year or even the past two years. And yes, I am saying this because for me what has made the map is the pace and the absolutely slick and unbelievably smooth flow to each part and how well the timing feels between each transition and jumps between parts. There is just so much to talk about! The parts themselves, the pacing has been controlled super well and the style... the style of the map reminds me of the map 'X-Games' which is one of my favourites and it is at the very top for me when it comes to map ranking. But this map, this map does indeed take the cake as it takes me back into each modern period of my career and jumps out at me every time I see it or play it.  Ahh, so much to say about this map, but thank BriaN and the crew for this masterpiece. ElCrow has made an amazing job presenting this map as well, the quality of everything is just top notch. BriaN, thanks for delivering us with just the greatest work ever throughout this strange era in MTA at the moment. A wedding cake, with double cherries on top, some cream and with additional dressing is all I will say to evaluate my word about this map.
          ZinC. V12 - High Capacity 3
What can I say about this one, eh? I can surely say with confidence that ZinC didn't get enough attention in our local hood here. ZinC is a highly experienced individual with a broad range of maps to select from. He has made some simpler maps to begin with, then he moved onto creating some HDM's which ya know, I am not the biggest fan of. This map although seems to be a great balance between his previous work and his experience. The third edition of High Capacity is not the easiest but it fits with the theme of the previous two maps and it does indeed show off the experience that ZinC has. This map surely is a map to enjoy if you were me. And also, ZinC... well done to you for continuing on your great legacy.

I also would like to give a special shoutout to the man, the myth and the legend @'TC|RiseR  who at the end of March has put together a reel of the past two years when it comes to his MTA creations including intros, cinematics and other things like that! It really is cool to see it all put together with some music in the background and of course with now a near professional touch of editing skills and experience that our friend RiseR has of course. Go and check him out, make sure to stay up to date with his creations as well.
And, ladies and gents.. here we are. At the end of this release. For all of you reading on the evening of the release, I sincerely apologise for releasing this article so late but you know, things happen. As I have said before, it is a busy time for me incoming. Until June 25th I will be busy with exams as they start exactly on the 5th of June. But, school then will be finished. I, after that or even before that will hope to arrive to you with some more news. If I will not be able to do that, surely a person like nuRdy will be able to come up and help us again if needed as he surely is capable of doing so. (and he gives you all cookies as well... so you can't miss out on that) I would also like to give a shoutout to @'TC|DarkyZ As he brought me a huge amount of support for this release as well. I hope you all out there are all good and healthy. I wish you all the very best of luck in whatever you are doing, if you are having college or high school exams, good luck with that as well! I'm with you on that one. Well everyone, that would do for this one. Stay safe and watch out for some more news coming to you soon enough!
© The Crew Gaming 2019
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left a reply on RE: Small Update
10 months ago
Grand job the past few weeks, I'll be back at some point, lol.
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started new topic Xmas Surprise!
1 year ago
Good morning, afternoon or evening wherever you guys are in the world, of course. It is me again, possibly for the last time of this year with some news and hopefully something that will bring a smile to you on this day!
    [Image: 5qKGkbi.jpg]
So, today we will be bringing you some screenshots as well as the release date for the forum and the website. I will not be typing too much today as well, the screenshots are pretty self-explanatory themselves! Brace for impaaact!
[Image: a3y1QD4.png]

[Image: pOejgOy.png]

[Image: n4ycHHq.png]
So that is it! Hopefully you guys like it and the release date for this absolute work of art is;
Yep! And in early January, we mean the very start of January so very soon after the new years!
Finishing this short bit of news, we appreciate your love and support throughout this ending year of 2018 and we hope that you stick with us in 2018, as well.. yeah, you don't imagine how fast things are going to kick off right after the new year's. If you celebrate Christmas, go and enjoy it with your families as much as you can, show yourself love, warmth and all that good stuff! Eat some fantastic food, but not too much, of course. And as for the new years, don't party too hard! But enjoy it, as every year. I wish each and every single one of you the best out of the next year and even if you won't see me around, hope all of you take care and strive in whatever it is you guys want to strive in. It is all about turning negativity into positivity through creativity. Anyways, enjoy yourselves during this festive time and Happy Holidays!
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1 year ago
Hi everybody, hope you're all well throughout this festive month, we haven't seen each other for quite some time, eh? So tonight I am providing you all with the (possibly) last article of the year, yeah this year hasn't been too eventful thus far and we have not expected it. Well, what else can I say? With this last article of the year I will provide you with some important news surrounding the community at the moment as well as something I know some of you have been waiting on in this community! I apologise for the inconsistency about the articles but nothing too interesting has been going on and at the same time I have been extremely busy with school and exams. Not having the best time of my life either at the moment, hah! Well, enough said about that. Let's get going with this one, shall we.
[Image: m1dpJYm.png?2]
A big thank you to Cherrys for this fantastic art that definitely fits the season!
[Image: yp15Bt9.png]
Yep, you guessed it!
Yes, you do indeed know what that means! A few months has passed since the last recruitment period and here we are again. I've been through this too back in 2016, time has indeed flown. After the new trial members have been announced, I will not provide anymore comments as I think it isn't too necessary for this one. I would like to congratulate everybody who has successfully been accepted, again; a lot of discussion has been going on throughout the past few months when it comes to decisions about the people! Do behave yourselves and enjoy your stay of course. 
Please give a warm welcome to:

- Kube
- Cherry
- Inspra
- StealthGamer
- Qashqai
- Emix
- Reaxerz
[Image: YpfmG8d.gif]
I love this artwork, the style definitely suits the theme!
Well, who would have thought? Well, I guess nobody apart from the Vultaic team! Happy to have you guys on board today with me. I really like the update that you are providing, restructuring your infrastructure is always appealing and interesting to cover articles such as these. Well, to those who have no idea what I am talking about here, bear with; let me explain. This is all about Vultaic, a neighboring community of ours. They are currently restructuring their infrastructure of their community. More specifically, applying more staff into the server and improving the amount of events like clan-wars that happen within their ranks. This makes perfect sense and I must give all the kudos deserved for this step. The very best of luck with this important stepping stone, guys!
[Image: ZUoSoxo.png]
A lot of great artwork today on the news!
Wow! This news must be the most exciting of all for the whole MTA community, not only us guys here in the Race/DM/DD etc community but also all external communities. For all of us the fans and followers of the GTA storyline, this news is the best we could have received since a long time. I must tell you MegaDreams and GTX from Beasts have collaborated to use the storyline files (.scm) and actually incorporate this into the multiplayer for all of us to enjoy. The better news is that they can further develop this using an interpreter for SCM language and Sphene is just that, an interpeter for the SCM language! They can use this to develop any other side-quests, make the world more rich and so on. They can even implement the story lines from other GTA games! I may not fully understand this as I did not digest the whole idea the the most comprehensible extent but if you want the full information, I will provide you with a link here if you want the full intel about this beauty. I genuinely am very excited to hear more about this. Taking under consideration that this is not an easy task as the developers are working with older technology, I am sure there will be workarounds made when it comes to the difficulties! Thank you for this, guys.
[Image: z42Qnmy.png?1]
And for our last bit of news before the map of the season and before we finish off, I do have some sad news for you. Well, I am sure that most of you have heard of the closure of Sixth Sense and I am sure that most of you aware what has happened to them in April this year that has let to this happening. I am here on behalf of our community to give all the due respect deserved for the amount of work put into the Sixth Sense project. It has been amazing to see how you guys have developed throughout the years and it also was quite fantastic to see you guys reach your peak as well. But everything that is good must come to an end at some point or another. Speaking casually, yeah, this does indeed suck to see and well.. we hope to see something from you guys in the future! Pure respect to everybody involved each manager, developer and leader. We thank you for your service in the MTA community. 
   The ultimate work of art  

This map is the ultimate work of art! It fills all the criteria for the perfect map and is absolutely beautiful. Inspired one of the most scientifically accurate Hollywood movies, Interstellar this map by 1thwonder does indeed kick you right in the heart if you are at least a little bit fond of the space programs that are going on at the moment, or if you even enjoyed the movie even just a little bit. Wonder has made a perfect job in recording and especially making this map. And indeed, you have succeeded with the pleasing soundtrack for the map. It is an absolute joy and happiness to pass this map, the most ultimate candy for the eye. Stunning! 11/10. Look, what else can I say, there are no words needed for this map, it just is amazing on it's own. Absolutely fantastic job, Wonder!
So, this has been it for this release of the news! Although this hasn't been as juicy as I planned, it did work out pretty well in the end because of the topics and especially the map. All of the topics covered are indeed the largest, sweetest and juiciest fruits I could have asked for. If I took away something from writing this article is that it isn't only just about the quantity of the content, but also on the quality of the topics. Thanks to my TCN-People team who always find the best topics for me to cover, pleasure to work with, as always. Anyway guys, hope you have enjoyed this piece of news written. If you have any feedback, comments, you can as always leave it down below! I am off on my holidays this Tuesday and with this I wish you all a very safe time throughout the Winter holidays as well as the New Year! For those who celebrate Christmas, I wish you the Merriest Christmas ever! And as always, thanks for reading.

 © The Crew Gaming 2018
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1 year ago
[Image: Qiuxt7Z.gif]

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1 year ago
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1 year ago

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1 year ago
Hello and welcome to yet another release of the news. News, well.. yeah, we have some news although not as much as I would like of course. When the standards are set high and the activity in the community is decreasing there isn't as much I can do apart from posting short articles. Less work for me, less of a bother for you, we have a message, we send it to you and that's it! When there are news, well, you do enjoy the article more, right? Yeah, I'd enjoy writing more too, although not today, my friends. For some, today will be a happy day and for others it won't be too good. Otherwise, I hope you will enjoy the release.
[Image: GYY4DBe.png]
 [Image: h45bpsR.png?1]
So yesterday was our birthday! We slowly are getting more mature when it comes to the age itself. Here is to another year!
 [Image: OpCiOC6.png?1]
Guess what it is!

[Image: V0TNfQZ.png]

Thanks to Mousy for literally all the art featured in the latest articles as well as this one. And of course, congratz to everybody who has joined us today! Hard luck for all of those that have not. On a personal note guys, if truly are willing to join a community, no matter of your age then just remember about the level of maturity that is expected. We like seeing activity, we like seeing people posting stuff on Discord and the forums but the two most important factors following activity are maturity and patience. We really do not like impatient people, so don't rush, we're not going anywhere anytime soon! I know this may seem ironic that we want you guys to be patient when it comes to the development of the server, although you choose the be patient or impatient when it comes to attempting joining us, the same way you choose to be impatient about the server and understandably so, we don't want to seem like absolute hypocrites. Anyways, I do sincerely hope you all will enjoy your stay here and some of you we will see to stay for longer.
This map just had to be included today, you all know how much I love those new, 'modern' maps that go back to a few years and inspire themselves through nostalgia and through the maps that have been created in the past and stayed in our memories as positive thoughts. I didn't expect Symon taking part in creating such a map, but he did and this shows to us that not only HDM matters these days! A lot of the peeps still play OS maps and it's really great to see the collaboration between the people who still play the pre-modern maps. Well done to everybody involved in this map.

Holy moly, this map did surprise not only me but a few other people for sure. The ideas of a speed map and a tougher, part with slower and challenging parts are not something that new but this, this is very well put together how all the transitions happen between parts, very smoothly, quite fascinating in fact. Very well done to ElCrow who delivers once again, the record and the edit were absolutely fantastic, the map was driven with just skill and pure knowledge. Talking about knowledge, yeah.. I wouldn't be able to pass this map because I just do not like practicing too much for too long. But the idea of featuring these maps is to watch how skillfully people can play them and not only that, to show how beautiful maps still can be and not only that, it also shows that people still have ideas and the creativity still keeps on coming! Well done to you gents. Shondex and Chipy, very well done to you lads.
Well, that would be it for this release today, I know, no news in particular, quite the crisis when it comes to topics indeed. I apologise for the whole lack of text today even, I am a very busy person lately when it comes to school and stress. Yeah, those two keep me busy all the time. A busy schedule Monday-Thursday, gone early in the morning at 8am and back just before 7pm, it is not fun, but this is my last year of secondary schooling, meaning that I will somewhat be free as of next year. Although I won't be because I will be working even harder in achieving what I really want to achieve. And also guys, hold on tightly as soon, you will get to see something special. Soon, as overused word, eh? Yeah, you'll see for yourselves, I won't talk about it. We do have some smaller updates like our dear Trend becoming the DD leader and our beloved Mousy becoming the Shooter leader. But for now, thank you all very kindly for reading this somewhat messy release, happy birthday to TC once again and congratulations to all the news folks coming in. See you all next time.
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