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Honestly? The only good thing about this map is the name. Is this a skilled map? Probably, but there's no skill on mapping like this. There's just the random placing of object in random ways searching the best bounce to do with those objects. Even the landings are so bad, he had to cover the whole map with invisible shades... And decos? As always are useless to skills right? I prefer even a player that tryes to be original instead of play this shit. Peace :)

(Everything in this message is a personal point of view of this map, and as it there's no point on "insulting" or "attacking" me just because i've said my opinion. Critics are positive and negative.)
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2 years ago
Crazy! and fucking original! I like it! Absolutely good job!
You've got the proof of what happened and you still think that is an excuse? Have you read the update at the post dude? Indeed as Xiti said before if you don't want to wait anymore for the beta just leave your keys to other people. Patience is the virtues of the strong people.
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2 years ago
it's original , kinda spicy , but i don't like that. The video is laggy too in some parts. Gl with the future

This is for Chester, we won't forget you.
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2 years ago
finally a map that i want to call hard (nothing is buggy, just skills over there). Gj. The editing (i'm sorry) sucks.
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left a reply on RE: Show your desktop!
2 years ago
[Image: idun3t.png]
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2 years ago
This is a really great job , but physically on the maps this mod sucks so hard (it's really buggy in lot of parts). Good job anyway!
Good job guys! I can't describe my happiness right now fot the step that we reached with the community and for the fact that the beta is around the corner! Well done nuRd with your parts , you did a great job! Welcome trials to our family , hope that you'll enjoy your stay there! And last but not least , HAPPY B-DAY FLARE! <3