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RE: TC vs TfF #2
The final score is:

'TC| 11 9 TfF

TfF is a well known clan, with well known members & clanwars history, and no doubt that it's one of the strongest DM clans ever, but that didn't stop us from winning this clanwar.
To be honest, nobody expected this result except of us, because we had confidence in our members and we knew that they won't let us down.
We didn't perform well during the first rounds of the clanwar, but then we gathered our shit together and started playing well especially after Daster came.
Obviously, both teams performed well during the clanwar, but fortunately our performance was better than their's especially during the second half of the clanwar, exactly after the 11th round.
We would like to thank TfF for the amazing and LONG clanwar, it was obviously one of our best!
Big thanks goes to JARI and Ryder for being our referees during the whole clanwar, well done!

Special thanks goes to:

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left a reply on RE: TC vs. 6s #2
2 years ago
gl bros
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2 years ago

(10-29-2017, 17:04), Tomba120 Wrote:
South Americans(Monkeys) could press DISLIKE button as always.
So you're blaming a specific category of players because of their shit ping, and calling them ''Monkeys''? well it's not their problem if you're not skilled enough..
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2 years ago
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2 years ago
// EDIT: I added my latest PvPs, feel free to challenge me!
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2 years ago
I've been so busy lately, so I couldn't care less about this topic. But I'm glad to inform you that I'm back! so feel free to challenge me.
I'm got 2 pending PVP's, one vs Girard and another vs RemTek, those 2 will be played in the next 1-2 days!
The title almost made me poop my pants..
feelsbadman for all those who left
khe xitler
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2 years ago
gj blat)
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2 years ago
lovely mep nibba gj
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left a reply on RE: DD
2 years ago
life tip: never play a cw vs 3 turks with weird names and tags