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DX Login Panel
Hello, everyone.

today I wanna to show one of my login panels, let's see the video.

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Great job nuRdy, I wish Nathan gets the full marks :D
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2 months ago
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4 months ago
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7 months ago
No, this server isn't mine.
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started new topic DX Login Panel
7 months ago
Hello, everyone.

today I wanna to show one of my login panels, let's see the video.

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started new topic MTASpeak
7 months ago
Hey everyone, Now you can speak with your friends in-game!

 I present you my latest script, MTASpeak.

[Image: EDum3pW.png]

[Image: U3a31Bf.png]

[Image: V1ZezvO.png]

1. Voice Chat
2. Text Chat
3. Mute Players
4. Kick Players
5. Move Players
6. Locked Rooms


1. Start "voice" resource
2. Edit the mtaserver.conf file ( <voice>1</voice> )
3. To open the panel press '/'
3. Have fun =D


You can change the rooms from the client side, and the ACL groups from settings.lua

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started new topic [C#] Mini Admin
7 months ago
Hello, today I'm honored to present you my latest, biggest and coolest project a program called mini admin which allows you to control your MTA directly just log in to your console account

this project took from me 20 days, 1600 line of codes (LUA & C#). and have fun with the features, A tutorial video : 


1. don't change the resource name.

2. give the resource admin permissions ( resource.miniadmin or resource.* ).

3. If you want to edit the groups etc.. ( meta.xml ).

4. If you have a bug or an idea feel free to PM me.



Have a nice day.