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Public DM Funwar #3
We are having a public DM funwar on Thursday at 18:00 GMT, everyone is able to participate, I'll post the IP in here, password will be removed.
Hope everyone shows up.
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2 years ago
did someone notice that the beta is on 10th feb? you get to see some magic
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2 years ago
i see known in tcn, i dislike
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left a reply on RE: Random Quotes
2 years ago
[9:08:24 PM] -    'xDARK1NG: WTF
[9:09:34 PM] Mateusz... Xiti: You know Darking that ads are choosen by google to fit your online profile? :P
[9:09:45 PM] Mateusz... Xiti: So Google thinks that you need UAE Singles
[9:09:45 PM] Mateusz... Xiti: XD
[9:09:50 PM] Pedro: ^
[9:12:11 PM] -    'xDARK1NG: I don't need shit
[9:12:49 PM] '-   xSimas || Simon (´,,•ω•,,): XD
[9:13:51 PM] 'TC|'TK~ | TheCrewGaming: lol XD
[9:15:38 PM] 'TC|Raven - Batu: XD
[9:15:51 PM] Wade || The Crew: kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
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2 years ago

(01-20-2017, 21:10), Swiftuska! Wrote:
I just have to follow my husband <3

and tf man be straight
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2 years ago

(01-20-2017, 21:36), Pawn Wrote:
because it was cold that day, remember?
are you looking for a ban bro
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2 years ago
why did you make mine look small
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2 years ago

(01-20-2017, 17:07), Mazda Wrote:
my ass.
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2 years ago
The FW ended 12-8 for Team_Wade ( i am the captian obviously) vs Shredders ( Darking as captain), we witnessed a launch to the moon during the funwar ( by siisti) and some marathons as well (by alien) enough jokes, it was really fun and everyone enjoyed, if you guys want another funwar next week pls leave some feedback.
Siisti mvp btw hh
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2 years ago
2 hours left for the funwar, this is the ip mtasa:// the password will be removed before we start.
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2 years ago

(01-18-2017, 23:27), Pawn Wrote:
Don't say shit about the backround. waiting for you to say smth @Wade
tf u doin in the mountains