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After many troubles and unexpected delays ( :] ) we managed to finally launch the server at last. You are able to join by using the IP below:

PASSWORD: ::[email protected]

You need to enter a BETA key from HERE

To all BETA Testers, please do not share the server features with other people, especially on public forums and big conversations. If you do you might not join the server anymore. Also do not share the key you already used because you will automatically be banned.

Beta lasts until 5.08.2017 23:59
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7 months ago
Declined, our DM squad isn't ready for cws.
Nathan forgot to mention what is the reason of so many trials. As you know we used to accept people for a testing period. People could wear TC tag but nothing more. It had its adventages and disadventages. Although in this way we built strong squads much faster it also caused a mess and there were many people who disliked the system. We decided to remove it and go back to the classic recruitment system. We gave a chance (almost) everyone who was on that testing period (7 out of 9 new trials). Now you guys need to prove you are acitve so we know we took the right decision. Also congratulations to Mousy and Inspra who managed to join us along with our ex-testers.
Better luck next time Mokka you almost got it.
Darkyz you got it! I'll miss Mazda's and Trend's posts..
TCN a bit short but well written, waiting for more news in a near future.
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1 year ago
(don't say that I can check your age on your profile, u lied u are 18 years old!)
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left a reply on RE: Typing Test
2 years ago

(12-05-2017, 21:50), DarkFly Wrote:
here is my personal.
[Image: Dy04PZ.png]
Nice photoshop 90 - 2 = 90, quick maths
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left a reply on RE: Typing Test
2 years ago
Xiti's typing speed

[Image: BluMcwb.png]
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2 years ago
Thanks for sharing your thought with us, my life became better now.
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2 years ago
DL click or click
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2 years ago

(11-03-2017, 0:21), shardex Wrote:
You like anime ... I guess?


[Image: BlK0my1.jpg]
Jeko you should take some lessons from this guy   :rolleyes:
btw all those works look really well.
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2 years ago
Home Stretch

Credits :

Record by Riser
Lights: Audi A7 By Nitron
Infernus: RRecords infernus by Blueray (Private)
The Crew Gaming intro - By RiseR
Song: Fall Out Boy - Young And Menace
RRecords intro - By RiseR