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Introducing MySelf (ArSaL'Z)
Hello TC Community. i'm Arsal 19 Years Old from Pakistan. I'm also known as DJ-ArSaL, DS|ArSaL and ArSaL'Z in TG and FFS server. I was Playing MTA:SA since 2011 before that i'm SAMP player.

in 2015 i leaved MTA:SA due to busy with study and life but i was keep in touch day by day. in 2016 i've been left MTA:SA forever Busy with sites and also study etc. But about 2 weeks ago i rejoined MTA:SA and looking for a Clan. Soon if possible i'll create JR but before it Good luck for your server. i can help you. if you want.

sorry it's looking unprofessional because it's too short. i don't want to bore you by introducing myself blablabla.

@Leader if you want Free server contact me. i can provide.
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Latest song by Charli XCX
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left a reply on RE: RIP Tzuyu
1 year ago
damn wtf really? i have his fb contact let me try to connect because sorry but i don't believe you guys.
Quote:Cnethz, Bright and Grzybek - For our general selves and helping out;
DonJohn, Triplex and Gamer - For our dearest WFF squad;
Toez and Rival - For our modest and yet powerful DD team.

Congratulation guys, and well written @'TC|Nathan in post. BTW other JR request is denied?

This song is by Young Stunner (Talha Anjum) by local Pakistani Urdu rapper. This song is dedicated to Karachi's people not even other city of Pakistan can understand this lyrics.

W-11 is a Bus code which transport almost entire Karachi city.

i know you won't understand Urdu langauge but Music don't have any language. Try to listen till the end once. i recommend you his famous song burger-e-karachi also.

Edited: this channel aren't their official channel they created new.
Nice map and xD behind the sense nice place to hide yourself found by Martin xD
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2 years ago
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2 years ago

(01-14-2018, 15:09), KaroKarcsi Wrote:
1. My real name is Berti, but in-game i use (Karo)"Karcsi" name which is a real Hungarian name aswell, therefor everyone thinks my real name is Karcsi.
2. 90% of players can't write down my name. They write KaroKarsci instead of KaroKarcsi
3. KaroKarcsi name is a combination of Karokatona bird (cormorant) and Karcsi Hungarian name, as i said.
4. I have never drank a bottle of energy drink.
5. I have never been drunk.
6. I make joke from everything that exists.
7. Rather i stay at home than go to parties.
8. I am addicted to music, can't spend a day without it.
9. I do workout + take delight in street workout
10. My (maybe) impossible dream to be Hungary again as big as it used to be before 1920 c:
"What's in a name?" -William Shakespeare
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left a reply on RE: How was your day?
2 years ago

(01-13-2018, 20:29), Conolel Wrote:
today i discovered how much hater do i have
so it's a good day x)
xD same almost everyday someone added on my haters list on TG but last this week i wasn't play seriously max 1-2 hour per day.

anyways Today (Saturday) was a great day i was totally busy with my site.
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2 years ago
1. Real Name is Arsal (in game known as ArSaL~B2S:// only on TG)
2. I only play MTA:SA and only TG server on it. (waiting for TC)
3. I'm founder of my community where we provide free gameserver (MTA:SA and SAMP).
4. I'm from Karachi, Pakistan

for more fact about me read my Join request. :D
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2 years ago
75-80 (last stage of your life)