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Jekorgi's amateur graphics!
Hey Dear TC Community! Today i wanna show you my new works (almost all of them aren't finished because i didnt have to finish them). And i want to offer myself as an UI/GUI/Web designer, i've really cheap designs (depends on what do you need). Before you Contact me you have to know that i'm really bad in logos. Thanks for reading and enjoy watching. Wink

SKYPE: Jekorgi
DISCORD: Jekorgi #8655
You can find my all works there:
[Image: w79OjWx.png]
[Image: tnh7r1r.png]
[Image: YiKNwC0.png]
[Image: hGPTek9.png]
[Image: pLDTQSB.png]
[Image: d2AjObt.png]
[Image: EwOJaKS.png]
[Image: ZQiax7b.png]
[Image: 7vsxbkS.png]
[Image: oCNdAuA.png]
[Image: c1beUtS.png]
[Image: 1ZGksWf.png]
[Image: iirk9dK.png]
[Image: FvmHRLa.png]
[Image: sS1fVgI.jpg]
[Image: Gl1hQM8.jpg]
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1 year ago
Simple avatar
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1 year ago
YouTube Banner:
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1 year ago
Whole main post has been updated ;)
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1 year ago
Fat Ninja xD. Probably mascots aren't good for me xD.

[Image: OdlBNYp.png]
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1 year ago
I love to read your news, everything is described really good and short, as i like xD. Well written Nathano. Rest in peace Haris.
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1 year ago
Looks like pure After Effects @Grzybek
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1 year ago
[Image: k7LYek5.png]
[Image: j8xr044.png]

Just a simple breaker, star breaker! :D

[Image: j8xr044.png]
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left a reply on RE: Typing Test
1 year ago
Ayyy xD

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1 year ago
Probably i cant make tutorials because i dont have rules xd. Im doing what i imagine, maybe i'll try to make some tuts, but im not sure xd.
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1 year ago
@Update, Lala and JustInCase was made without internet connection so fonts doesn't fit xd

[Image: gdV5VwT.png]
[Image: QJct6L4.png]
[Image: fms35Sv.png]
[Image: eNtR88W.png]
[Image: SE1TCGI.png]
Nothing special this time :D.