Jekorgi's amateur graphics!
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Do you make tutorials?
This is amazing!
@Update, Lala and JustInCase was made without internet connection so fonts doesn't fit xd

[Image: gdV5VwT.png]
[Image: QJct6L4.png]
[Image: fms35Sv.png]
[Image: eNtR88W.png]
[Image: SE1TCGI.png]
Nothing special this time Big Grin.
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(10-15-2017, 11:09)Ab3dY Wrote: Do you make tutorials?
This is amazing!

same thought please try to make a tutorial on it.

Probably i cant make tutorials because i dont have rules xd. Im doing what i imagine, maybe i'll try to make some tuts, but im not sure xd.
Fat Ninja xD. Probably mascots aren't good for me xD.

[Image: OdlBNYp.png]
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Whole main post has been updated Wink
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YouTube Banner:
[Image: Cdl9RV7.png]
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Simple avatar
[Image: Y2HSvtf.png]
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