The Crew News #74 - Time Flies!

Created by Nathan

Hi everybody, hope you're all well throughout this festive month, we haven't seen each other for quite some time, eh? So tonight I am providing you all with the (possibly) last article of the year, yeah this year hasn't been too eventful thus far and we have not expected it. Well, what else can I say? With this last article of the year I will provide you with some important news surrounding the community at the moment as well as something I know some of you have been waiting on in this community! I apologise for the inconsistency about the articles but nothing too interesting has been going on and at the same time I have been extremely busy with school and exams. Not having the best time of my life either at the moment, hah! Well, enough said about that. Let's get going with this one, shall we.
[Image: m1dpJYm.png?2]
A big thank you to Cherrys for this fantastic art that definitely fits the season!
[Image: yp15Bt9.png]
Yep, you guessed it!
Yes, you do indeed know what that means! A few months has passed since the last recruitment period and here we are again. I've been through this too back in 2016, time has indeed flown. After the new trial members have been announced, I will not provide anymore comments as I think it isn't too necessary for this one. I would like to congratulate everybody who has successfully been accepted, again; a lot of discussion has been going on throughout the past few months when it comes to decisions about the people! Do behave yourselves and enjoy your stay of course. 
Please give a warm welcome to:

- Kube
- Cherry
- Inspra
- StealthGamer
- Qashqai
- Emix
- Reaxerz
[Image: YpfmG8d.gif]
I love this artwork, the style definitely suits the theme!
Well, who would have thought? Well, I guess nobody apart from the Vultaic team! Happy to have you guys on board today with me. I really like the update that you are providing, restructuring your infrastructure is always appealing and interesting to cover articles such as these. Well, to those who have no idea what I am talking about here, bear with; let me explain. This is all about Vultaic, a neighboring community of ours. They are currently restructuring their infrastructure of their community. More specifically, applying more staff into the server and improving the amount of events like clan-wars that happen within their ranks. This makes perfect sense and I must give all the kudos deserved for this step. The very best of luck with this important stepping stone, guys!
[Image: ZUoSoxo.png]
A lot of great artwork today on the news!
Wow! This news must be the most exciting of all for the whole MTA community, not only us guys here in the Race/DM/DD etc community but also all external communities. For all of us the fans and followers of the GTA storyline, this news is the best we could have received since a long time. I must tell you MegaDreams and GTX from Beasts have collaborated to use the storyline files (.scm) and actually incorporate this into the multiplayer for all of us to enjoy. The better news is that they can further develop this using an interpreter for SCM language and Sphene is just that, an interpeter for the SCM language! They can use this to develop any other side-quests, make the world more rich and so on. They can even implement the story lines from other GTA games! I may not fully understand this as I did not digest the whole idea the the most comprehensible extent but if you want the full information, I will provide you with a link here if you want the full intel about this beauty. I genuinely am very excited to hear more about this. Taking under consideration that this is not an easy task as the developers are working with older technology, I am sure there will be workarounds made when it comes to the difficulties! Thank you for this, guys.
[Image: z42Qnmy.png?1]
And for our last bit of news before the map of the season and before we finish off, I do have some sad news for you. Well, I am sure that most of you have heard of the closure of Sixth Sense and I am sure that most of you aware what has happened to them in April this year that has let to this happening. I am here on behalf of our community to give all the due respect deserved for the amount of work put into the Sixth Sense project. It has been amazing to see how you guys have developed throughout the years and it also was quite fantastic to see you guys reach your peak as well. But everything that is good must come to an end at some point or another. Speaking casually, yeah, this does indeed suck to see and well.. we hope to see something from you guys in the future! Pure respect to everybody involved each manager, developer and leader. We thank you for your service in the MTA community. 

   The ultimate work of art  

This map is the ultimate work of art! It fills all the criteria for the perfect map and is absolutely beautiful. Inspired one of the most scientifically accurate Hollywood movies, Interstellar this map by 1thwonder does indeed kick you right in the heart if you are at least a little bit fond of the space programs that are going on at the moment, or if you even enjoyed the movie even just a little bit. Wonder has made a perfect job in recording and especially making this map. And indeed, you have succeeded with the pleasing soundtrack for the map. It is an absolute joy and happiness to pass this map, the most ultimate candy for the eye. Stunning! 11/10. Look, what else can I say, there are no words needed for this map, it just is amazing on it's own. Absolutely fantastic job, Wonder!
So, this has been it for this release of the news! Although this hasn't been as juicy as I planned, it did work out pretty well in the end because of the topics and especially the map. All of the topics covered are indeed the largest, sweetest and juiciest fruits I could have asked for. If I took away something from writing this article is that it isn't only just about the quantity of the content, but also on the quality of the topics. Thanks to my TCN-People team who always find the best topics for me to cover, pleasure to work with, as always. Anyway guys, hope you have enjoyed this piece of news written. If you have any feedback, comments, you can as always leave it down below! I am off on my holidays this Tuesday and with this I wish you all a very safe time throughout the Winter holidays as well as the New Year! For those who celebrate Christmas, I wish you the Merriest Christmas ever! And as always, thanks for reading.

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Congratulations to all new players in our team! You can go to sleep well, after such a long time, I can again welcome someone new. Nathan summarized as always. Cong!

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Congratulations and welcome to the team!

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