Olympics: Winner of the tournament (Prize information)

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[Image: wot.png]
for USSR
(Russia & Belarus)
team for winning the tournament and proving that their nation is the one holding the title 'The strongest country
of the year' hope they found the tournament fun and competitive, for those who didn't make it we're proud to have you playing in our tournament and we hope that you've had a great time with us good luck in the next one!

Last teams stood were;
USSR (Russia and Belarus) as 1st place
JP (Rest of the world 1) as 2nd place
POL (Poland) as 3rd place

You can also find the site map of all the rounds in this post Competition Rounds
You can also watch the finale match if you missed it from here USSR vs. JP (Finale)
The live bracket The Olympic Games

The Prizes
are not gonna be money as we've discussed with the players about it and they gave us a great idea indeed, for the winner team there are 3 main players each one of them is going to choose and be given one of the following prizes;

A sick  graphic design for your channel art, wallpaper, background or just any kind of a graphic design.
A well scripted with full control server for your clan wars or whatever you want it to be (hosted in France).
A cool video with 3d animations and other sick edits for anything you ask for.
A logo and a static pro looking website fully with all it's graphical designing.
Intro, 3d animations or any video editing materials you ask for.

all will be made and done by AnarchY (Skype: ahmed.medo3760) as he's trusted multi talented and his work is always on point (You can ask him to give you an example of the option you choose just to make sure)

And we've come to the end, it's really sad as we were used to talk and have fun with you guys and now we have to leave you but don't worry we will have more coming with better plans and better organization.

And just before we leave you, i wanna give a huge thanks to AnarchY as he was the one who planned all the organization plans, made all the graphical designing and managed most of the tournament, OsO.cp for streaming almost every match in the tournament and you can subscribe to his channel OsO.cp's YouTube and thanks for everyone who has given their time for us to make everything fun and smooth.

Happy ending, have a nice day and [email protected]
- DeathKisS

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Congratulations, amazing prizes man

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