Olympics: Competition Rounds (Elimination)

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Finally here we are after organizing and making all teams ready to start the actual tournament we've succeed on and Off-Competition stage was quite fun, we have also finished Captains' voting stage and now it's time to start the tournament, below you will find bracket and everything for the competition rounds.

4th and Finals Round's Bracket

The first round is actually the most important one, as it will show which team opposes who and ofcourse we've done that randomly (a video with proof will be found below the bracket) we've also provided a live bracket so you can see scores and standings challonge.com/tcolympics, also in the following link you can see each team players /showthread.php?tid=2058

[Image: update27-10.png]

And here's a video of the bracket spreading, we spreaded firstly Rest of the World teams and then countries to put them in different groups, It's a fair way for everyone. Make sure this is the only round 1 bracket, we will post the rest of the rounds in this post as well

Thanks for your time.

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I'll be updating this post with all the new streams and videos of the tournament.

2nd day streams;

1st day stream;

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