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Good evening to you all. Today we will have news from the past month or so since I haven't typed an article up since then, a lot has happened and yet throughout a very long amount of time. In the past few weeks I have decided not to type any articles up due to the lack of news. This is going to unfortunately keep on happening until I receive a satisfactory amount of news or news that are beneficial for the development of the server and so, something you really want to see, today is not the case although I've got a full stash of news to throw at you, so prepare yourselves, this one might be a little bumpy. This article will also be covering a sensitive topic at the beginning, please do read with caution, I will then be mentioning more lighter topics to ease up the atmosphere. I'd like to thank Mousy again for creating this awesome logo for the spring season of 2018, now; enjoy.
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On the 10th of April, 2018 a tragic event has happened an event we have not predicted and nobody else in this modest community could have predicted. Our team member, loyal friend and a highly friendly person has passed away, Haris aka Tzuyu as most of you knew him as, who was from what we knew a very innocent, motivated and loyal soul. Suffering from severe gastric pain at such a young age unfortunately has caused death. On the day and the days after this has happened we have been asking ourselves questions and one of the most important of them was that; 'Is death really what its supposed to take in order for us to realize that we should seize the day even more and respect ourselves in a community more each day?' In successful relationships, what I've heard from older people was that each day when they get older, they love themselves even more because they know life won't last, and that isn't just because of old age but also because every day brings something new and you never really know what it will bring because after all we are so used to our daily routine in our lives it gets ridiculous after a while that we get bored of it! Expecting such a thing to happen is highly questionable when it comes to the chances of it happening and yet it should somewhat inspire us to treat ourselves better. Dying of young age is really not what I want and I do not wish it to anybody because we want to witness our ambition, those flower buds to grow, we want to succeed in life and taste true victory as well as love of course. It is absolutely tragic to know about what happened to Haris, we shall always remember him and treat this situation in all means formal. May his soul rest in peace.
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I do have some updates for you from XpR, those guys have announced that they will be releasing their 3.0 server. At the time of me typing this up, their forum is undergoing some overhaul maintenance so I can't give you the full details, but what I can tell you is that XpR is an extremely experienced community when it comes to the gameplay, very well known of their past rosters and their successful victories in many events. A highly mature community overall. With all that being said, here is the link to the post with their news of announcing the new server. If I will catch some time to update this paragraph I will although I do not promise anything due to my busy weekly schedule, so I apologize before hand. I also want to wish the very best of luck to all who are in XpR with further progress of the community, the server and all of the work that you have with anything, congratz for staying consistent in the community.
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That artwork right there is some nice artwork for the second battle between the two fantastic teams of Sixth Sense and Zenosyne which took a little while ago on the 22nd of this month which was a Sunday. WFF is really becoming bigger, it feels like it was yesterday when WFF was first announced on FFS, a truly historic moment. This match-up ended with favour to Sixth Sense, I have been recommended to mention this one as apparently it was an exciting event to witness, I keep on missing all of them lately but I will catch up with all of them at some point in time. The final score was 77-63 to Sixth Sense. Well done to all who participated.
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And one of the highlights from this month is of course this match up that took place last Saturday, I really regret missing those events, the excitement included in all those CW's is really something to witness because it is something different and really distracts you for a while especially as a player! I still continue on wondering how some people after all of those years continue on striving towards being the best of the best in those CW's, this is a very great hobby to have as it is extremely challenging to be good at these days. The experience needed in order to be at the top is horrendous. All of the battles between the best of the best end up quite closely, this time we have been defeated with 9 points for us and 11 for the beasts, this must have been a very disappointing experience for us at the end although a good player never stops learning especially from a loss, which shouldn't be taken as a loss. You always win something when you loose, you achieve the knowledge of knowing what to do when it comes to improving yourself. Sometimes it is hard with MTA as consistency is key and it can be biased a lot but this still is very exciting to see what each team has prepared. Well done to all.
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And we'd like to welcome Vultaic in our modest selection of the race community servers. We really did get more smaller in the past few years but you all are the example to that we still rock and roll with merging together, thinking of new ideas and developing better servers for better experience. I really do appreciate that people have the motivation to continue on with development of new servers, I can totally understand why this phenomenon still appears in our community. With more simplicity the easier it is to challenge yourself to achieve perfection. Complexity these days is not the way it should go, because you can never trust yourself with working too hard and after all for nothing, with the help of trial and error you should be able to notice if the player base does follow your ideology as a part of the community. I do mention community a lot, because this is what it is about, helping to create a community and at the same time stay as a part of the community. At this point in time we shouldn't be competing with ourselves and create unnecessary battles, we should work together to some extent while still presenting what we have to offer, no matter how long it takes. The very best of luck to you all chaps.
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Map of the Season  

And here it is, the map of the season once again. In the vote for the map of the season, the votes have escalated very quickly. And perhaps for a good reason, what in the world of DM mapping is better than the most legendary duo there is with Brian and JohnY. These days, the fantastic effort they take in order to create such art is ridiculously spectacular. And yeah, I want to underline that word 'art', because some of the maps with the most experienced of mappers do prove that art can still exist in this community. With this map, echoed whistles you can feel the atmosphere of each part coming from different eras of mapping which is amazing, this all is combined towards a smooth and yet a beautifully created map.  This map uses a good variety of scripts which show a great example of usage and how to use them nothing over-saturated and over dependable. A great balance in the pace of the map, which really is lovely. Well done to Brian and JohnY for creating this art and thank you in fact for creating such a map. Have I exaggerated? Perhaps a little, but that is because I am extremely excited about this map even months after its been released. Good job to RiseR who has done a fantastic job on the edit there too.
And this is it for this one ladies and gents, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed typing this up without looking for any topics. Thanks to all who have helped my find them, I highly appreciate it. In the next 10 weeks of releases, I really do hope we will be able to give announcements of the project, this one man army that we consist of does have a life that needs to be lived and taken care of at times. I apologize about any mistakes made in this release as well, I also am sorry about the lack of vocabulary that is being used, I need to start reading more books again, since the summer season is coming that will surely happen. I hope all of you are well prepared for summer because for some it might as well be the last full summer that we have, including myself. Thank you for reading everybody, stay safe during this week.

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Well written Nathan, you surprise me everytime. About Haris, I can't say much, never had the chance to get to know him, but indeed it's sad, he was very young, may his soul rest in peace. Anyways, thank you once again for mentioning my team, it was indeed a intense match, even though we lost, everybody enjoyed it and we felt like we won, won more experience, but we are looking forward for another one.
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Well written, especially the part about Haris. I had some mixed up feelings while reading this but this one, even tho it wasn't full of news, is one of my favorite TCNs, thanks Nathan!

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REST IN PEACE , Tzuyu "Sad

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Rest in peace Haris! :/
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I love to read your news, everything is described really good and short, as i like xD. Well written Nathano. Rest in peace Haris.

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Good job bud, another successful TCN, kinda I mean xd. We both know what that means Wink

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Great news Nathan! It's always nice to read your words.
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Dude bringe the server out ffs. @'TC|Xiti

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