Public DM Funwar #5

Created by DonJohn

I am inviting you to the next TC event that is going to happen on 14.04.2018 17.00 CET. We're going to be using our server.
 The game-mode that is going to be played is Fun War DM.
 The event is similar to a clan-war (CW) but the teams will consist of random players. The most important thing during this event is the behavior and fair play, we don't want to see fights, blaming others or similar attitude that have the potential to ruin the atmosphere. If somebody misbehaves by; insulting or raging, the individual automatically be OUT of event, and he will be blacklisted for the next events in the future.
 To be more specific; there will be 2 teams, when we will decide that we have enough players or that nobody will come anymore, we'll shuffle teams and then we'll close the server and it will be locked so nobody will be able to change their teams (for fairness) and for the purpose of random probability.

The event will be held in this server:

  • ThisGuy v4 - No JuJu 
  • James vol.7 - Cooler than me
  • Gteatero - Dark Inception 2
  • Gteatero - Noxious Force
  • Zebra v1 - Unseen Nature
  • Doggy ft Syku - Sincere
  • Packy vol.13 - Defiance
  • Zean - Singularity
  • SebaS v.12 - New World
  • Rafinha ft.TulioTC - Running Is My Life IV
  • SheNN - Give Up!
  • ShockWave v.7 - Boundless Passion
  • Cosa_Nostra ft. Skotinka - X-Games
  • Cookie v.10 - Canyons of Glory
  • Ceeser ft. Atomix ft. Deathmatch Legends - Deathmatch History
  • Snake v.6 - Starlight Skills
  • StiveN v.3 - Amazing Driving
  • Vortex_-Vol.11-_Time_Vortex's
  • KnOwN v.15 - Dark Nature
  • BriaN v.13 - We Love Skills II
This is the list of maps that we are going to play.

If you're going to participate in the event, please leave a comment below so I can have an idea of how many people will take part.
hell yes im in

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count me in
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On my way

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I'm in.

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I'm in.

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as far as i remember , the last one was in the last 2017 summer
lets have fun :p

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(04-13-2018, 17:25), Chaos Wrote:
count me in
You have a clanwar to watch nibba...

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We have just finished our fifth public Deathmatch Fun War, which ended with a score of 12 - 8 for TK's team against Zeke's team. We, The Crew hope you spent an enjoyable time playing this Fun War. We will organize more events like this in the future, because we can say it was a quite successful event which attracted people. We would like to thank each and every participant of this event, we truly hope to see you in our upcoming events as well.

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At least i had franczesca in my team *_*

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