RIP Tzuyu

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Hi guys, my name is Faiz Anka and i come here to bring a news from our friend, Haris aka Tzuyu.

It's so sad to hear the news that our friend, Haris Syafiq a.k.a Tzuyu has passed away today.
It has been confirmed that he has passed away today, April 10th 2018 due to his severe Gastric Pain.

He was a very good friend, May his soul Rest In Peace.

RIP Haris Syafiq, 1998 - 2018.

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RIP Haris :,) see yoi again bro Smile..
Damn, that’s sad may his soul rest in peace

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Omg ? Are you for real ? Wtf no way.....
Damn man, that's so sad, haris Sad
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Rest in peace.
Rest in peace :'(
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Rest in peace my friend, we'll never forget you..
Rest in peace Haris Syafiq, the leader of The Crew's Race squad. You will never be forgotten, you did not leave us even when every other racer left, I respect you a lot for that. You had a lot of years ahead of you, you had a bright future as you were in university. Good bye my friend.

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