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Good evening to all, as always I am late with the news as I usually am, I was very busy this week with school stuff as well as other things. I am very tired and after a two week break I am back to school tomorrow to finish my last semester of the year, you must excuse my errors that I make in this article as I surely will be quite vulnerable to making them because of how weak I feel as of now. Who cares anyway? This is the sixty-ninth release and some people may be happy about that, I have promised that I will deliver today and so I will. Todays release will be 'juicy' as I call it, it will have quite a bit of topics and I sincerely apologize if I miss any. Nevertheless, as always; enjoy the article. And thanks to Mousy for creating this epic Spring-themed TCN logo!!

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A Glorious KappaPride to celebrate our 69th release of TCN!
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These updates do not come from us but from other clans, and since I can't separate them in a neat manner, I will do separate paragraphs. First one comes from Zenosyne, some call is a downfall but the people who are loyal to the community have stated that they will indeed continue with their journey towards succession. Many have left, including the leaders and some thought it was only a joke for the April Fools and yet it wasn't, the very best of luck to Zenosyne with their journey forward, hard times do arise but its not about what happens, it really is about how you react to it, and I think you all reacted very well to that. 

TG's third version of the server has been released, I really enjoy seeing the development of the server continue throughout the years, the name of the community is aging and this means that a lot of people will expect even more from the community as it matures; and even if that is obvious, it is extremely hard to achieve in such times as today. All the leaders and developers know about it, innovation should drive the communities forward as there is somewhat of a 'positive' greed for more. Good luck with the roll-out of your new version, guys.

We didn't have anything to do about mapping in the article for quite a bit of time, an incredible, innovative and an amazingly useful tool has been made for all mappers. All credits go to Kermy, the tool has been around for a little while now and I'd expect a lot of people to know about it, but without a doubt this deserves a place in the article due to the innovative aspect of the idea in the project of his. You DO want to know more about this tool, and you can click HERE which will redirect you to FFS' forum post which includes each and every single detail about this creation. The MTA community strives in creating tools to allow anybody at all to try mapping on their own, it definitely gets easier and simpler with such tools coming out, the process of creating maps surely can get quicker and this is why we appreciate people like Kermy who create such tools, all credit goes to him.
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We have an update from our Lucky Seven team, this Friday our team has encountered MAD in FFS' competition. We did succeed with pride, as Krzysztof says; 'this is an important event that has happened'. And indeed it was, every single success is an achievement for our team as well as a learning experience. We support our team, as their chat is full of constant discussion which seems like a tireless practice. All of that hard work and practice is paying off as we see, we wish the best of luck for the future of MAD and of course our own team.
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And it has happened the last time, it will be happening now. Updates about our community, there is quite a few of them today. 
First of all, a few guys were selected for their testing period, please welcome;

Hawkens - Joining our Race Squad, we are working on rebuilding that as we refresh pretty much everything in our community.
Karokarcsi - Joining our DD Squad
Kowak - Joining our DD Squad

And lastly, we want to welcome a new trial member;

Dusky - Amazing set of skills in the game and an old buddy of mine as well as others! Well deserved place.
That is all for now with our team updates, congratulations to all.

[Image: c2QJ506.png]


And here is a map our new member; Darkyz helped me choose. I love these kind of maps and not only because they are one of the only kind that I can pass but because they are extremely relaxing to drive through, you can enjoy the decoration around you while gaining satisfaction from passing many parts. We all know Nataam & Spectrum like to make more complex maps but I think they both appreciate what kind of magic such a map can possess. Relax is great with his editing as always, a job well done to him and a big thumbs up for keeping it up with the consistent content. Fantastic job to all and thank you very creating this beauty!

As you all know, the next TCN release is the next tenth in line, which means that in that article there will be the map of the season, which includes the best map from the past nine releases, including this one! So soon after the release of this article; a poll will be put up on the forums allowing you to vote for all the time that you want for the map that you want to see in the 70th TCN!

This was all for this release, we all tried to help out with putting out a lot of content for you in this one and hopefully you did enjoy it! We will see you soon hopefully, with what will be a surely eventful 70th release, I will take care of it, it will be an eventful 70th release, you can take my word for that. I want to thank you for all the support that you give me each time, now that we are refreshing things TCN's will be more frequent and you can expect more and more content each time, everything is running and even though we have our downs, we all attempt to react to them in the best possible way that we can. And as always, thank you all for reading.
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Well, i'd like to welcome the new people in the clan, best of luck for TC, bye guys!

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Well written TCN as always, I don't read long articles usually, but your words are an exception! Thanks for your effort!

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dusky ky.. congratz bro
quit w

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Always pleasure to read your content Nathan boi, DUSKY WELCOME LOL FINALLY.

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wheres our l7 match? >Sad!

well written nigga keep it up
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Well written Nathan and thanks for your nice words!

Thanks for giving me this opportunity and I hope I won't disappoint you! (except L7 2 points in 14 maps fml)

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Awesome news as always Nathan, my sincelery compliments for keeping it up! I would also like to congratulate the people who made it into the team.
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Thanks everybody for the opportunity I can be among you! c:

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Thanks for mentioning us Nathan Wink

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As usual Nathan, nice content. Your writings are instresting to read. I wish i can be like you too oneday, Nathan :3

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