[DD] Battle of Destruction
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As some of you may already know, our Destruction Derby team is participating in the SHC tourney called "Battle of Destruction". It's a tournament where 16 clans compete with each other in  3v3 matches. The tourney has been running for about 2 weeks already and so far everything went smooth.
We can say that Matrex and his staff did a great job with the organisation, props to them.

At the first stage we have faced a team called Infernal Edge - IE//. We have been the favourites of who will progress to the 2nd stage, and at the end we did secure our spot in the 2nd stage by defeating IE// 12-8. The match has been intense through the whole match. We gained a bigger lead but they have managed to make a comeback to it. 

In the second stage we have faced a strong clan called Veni Vidi Vici - {vVv}. This match has been very exciting to watch and none of the teams were a favourite of who will proceed to the semi-finals. Luckily we have managed to win the match with the score 12-8 for The Crew!

We already know that our next opponent in the semi's will be -ffs-. We kinda expected that we might be facing them in the semi-finals. In the past we have already faced them in an official CW, but with a different team, so technically it's the first time that we are facing them with this new and still fresh squad. As some of you might know, -ffs- also "upgraded" their team since the last time we 'TC| has faced them. I'm expecting a fair and exciting match, may the better team win. 
The date and time for the match aren't selected yet, so stay tuned for more info in the near future! 

You can find more information about the tournament itself here: Link
The bracket: Link
Our registred players for the tournament: JmicK, sEEk, R!val, ToeZ, Karokarcsi, ThefirsT, Kowak
Yesterday our team had it's semi-final match with -ffs-. We expected a hard match against them, and that's what they gave us. They made a bigger lead already at the start and we coudnt manage to comeback it as we do in the most of our matches that we play.  The score at the end was 13-7 for -ffs-, we wish you good luck in the finals.

I can say that for our first tournament in which our current team participated has reached my expectations. We did our best, managed to get till the last 4 standing teams, but sadly we coudnt reached the finals. We'll see if there will be any interesting tournaments in the future, so we can prove ourselfs again.
Well played everyone!
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Well played guys, never give up! : )
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mitja nab
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