The Crew News #65 - A Year's Conclusion
[Image: DkW6cte.jpg?1]Greetings! A very warm welcome on this snow deprived Sunday morning. We have not seen each other for so long.. yes, that was a reference. Such conversational language you say! Yes, that is just how I write, prove me right or wrong, you can't because that is just my style. Moving that bullshizzle aside; the last article was released exactly two months and two days ago, so yes, it was a while ago. But I've made ridiculous excuses then about why I am not going to continue working on the news, and I still go by them. Now is now and I am providing you with yet another article of the not-so now daily news. Reasoning being quite obvious and in fact some of you may already know of why it is, we are approaching the end of the year very quickly and I've got some things to say about where TCN is going to go as well as answering the question 'when'. Yes, you can read that again if you will, but that is what is going to happen. We've got some stuff to provide you with as well; I can't express that any better, take it as it is... 'stuff'. What's going to go next is well.. news. I sincerely hope you enjoy this release. 
[Image: abeuH5p.png]
[Image: DkW6cte.jpg?1]
Full Size Link, HERE
The website is prepared with the usage of the latest technologies and trends in the front-end. What you are seeing on the picture is the working API. The website and our server use the API, and this is what the API can really do. When it comes to giving a date for when the website will be released for the general public - January of 2018 (1-2 days™) it is. Early access will be given to The Crew Gaming members for testing, as well as for the purpose of eliminating any errors.
That message was from Xiti himself and.. we really hope you enjoy the picture WITHOUT any blur.
have talked to you about updates. Not sure if it would be proper to call them as such because we are going to have yet another pause for the article, which was to be expected. We are awaiting for the new website to pop up so it will at last be a comfort for both yourself and myself to work and present whatever information or work that we want on the forums. I've been going in loops trying to explain myself when talking about writing on this forum, it is not good and it is painful for me as I am the one who usually uses the forum the most from all of us for obvious reasons. I've talked about how I can start thinking about how it would be best to approach the article from now. And I've got an image of what I want to do with it, basing all of my choices from most of the feedback that I've taken throughout the whole series of course. If it is going to be accepted by our managment to an acceptable point where I can carry it out, it is going to take much more work but I believe that it may be more effective when it comes to putting it out there. I am not going to say much more about it as it is still going through a harsh time of metamorphosis, this idea of mine. When we will have a working new forum, I will execute the first step towards presenting it to you, the readers.
[Image: Ii5e3Gx.png]
[Image: qUVKDdN.png]
How.. memorable
'Z' became quite the recognizable letter in the community. And so it moves on through the time and perhaps the struggles of indeed, the time that it faces. First off, ovations for the quite interesting name that you've given to your team, it is all about the rapid sensation of time progression, it makes sense; especially looking at the fact of knowing where most of the community is standing right now, very positive. Darking's ideology of creating this clan became clear to us a in November when himself and Tony have recruited 16 people for the job of starting up the community. Their objective is to create something that is worth its time and something that will pay off through hard work. They are working on a stable clanwar server for all of the great clanwars to take place. It is looking good so far, I like the idea and I like the psychology behind the idea as well. I wish you all the best of luck chaps and lots of success' in the new year.

[Image: R0Vndlm.png?1]
I have fallen into peer pressure of some people in the clan to talk about this, and I will, as even for this release I don't have that much topics to cover. What am I even talking about.. huh. I am talking about (->) Kasty's YouTube channel (<-) of course. It apparently had quite a dynamic history with a constant input of viewers to his channel. Its mostly about MTA.. mostly but its worth taking a look at as he likes being creative with what he presents, stepping back and taking a look at his first work just shows us how something innocent might grow in a rapid fashion. All I am asking you to do is to take a look and see what you think and if you like it. If you don't bother looking at it, then don't but if you do.. well what can I say, I am sure Kasty will highly appreciate that himself.

[Image: S4fjCvw.png?1]
This is the good stuff
So when it comes to L7 going that perfect way of introducing OS, it happened and it is still happening. Before I mention anything specific about our latest feat against xN I will have to mention some other things as well, as this paragraph is devoted to the competitive side of things that were going on in our clan too. There have been ups and downs.. ups.. downs. But when it comes to our WFF or L7 team they are going strong, discussing all that is important with progressing and improvement in the team and that is what I like, everybody is working together and discussing on how everbody's doing. However typical this may sound, this is what is actually going on, and Krzysztof is doing a great job on leading the team very well. We've had a DM clanwar before, I cannot look at any sources at this moment but as far as I remember we were successful with that one. When it comes to the game that happened on Friday, well.. xN is always looking strong and we've been aware of that, there were complications with people's health and so on, things happen in life, and if they happen in many lives it all goes to hell as some say. It came out with 87-53 for xN but we've still put up a good fight.. obviously that is not good enough and the peeps at the squad are deciding to come back strong in the next match, but for now.. obviously all of us need a rest for the holidays. And as always when it comes to the competitive side of things, we'll see what time will bring.
[Image: Ii5e3Gx.png]
[Image: nJWkq7Z.jpg?1]
Art Special by DarkFly
Sad times have come my friends, the only piece of art made that actually met the requirements I've asked for that day. Thank you DarkFly for this piece, this is just what I've asked for.

Well executed!
Putting the hell to the yeah, I totally agree that this map is well executed, very well executed in fact. My one and only reason for that is that when you attempt to pass this map, you just drive and drive and that's great.. the length of the map is perfectly suited for the style of this map, this nice and smooth style of mapping should contain parts that will entertain you by introducing something new each time but keeping the excitement levels up through building up the length of the map. And that is exactly what this map is achieving, looking at the names of the guys who have created the map straight away resembles the feeling of experience that will be felt throughout the map, and that is key. Riser, our very fine friend has done an incredible job on editing the footage for the map and as always bringing the greatest quality ever. I was thinking about something lately, and its actually quite funny because if newly released maps would be played in a big screen cinema, for example; as in to show a premiere of a map.. this map would surely deserve a standing ovation at the very end. So, well done to all.
I was writing this article in bits, different time periods and different emotional states, that is why you might have noticed different moods spread around the styles of writing, I apologize about that. I am writing this bit at a late time and it is hard to focus.. without music and coffee I think I would have fallen asleep while typing this as I think a lot when writing those articles. But things aside, it is holiday time.. for those of you who celebrate Xmas.. happy Xmas and I really hope you spend your time with family with the thought of knowing that this time is valuable and you should appreciate it as much as possible. If you don't celebrate it, well.. happy holidays! New year is coming up, and as some of you who may know me, I'm not too big of a party person, just going to watch the good stuff from the outside... but a happy new year to you all as well, lets hope that as we grow older our knowledge and common sense will grow in equal amounts. 2018 is the year when everything is going to be launched, its the year when everything will kick off when it comes to TC. You will be able to taste the ultimate magnitude of our professional consistency when it comes to presentation very soon, it all is taking time but we are getting through it, some better than others but it is what it is. The next time I will see you will be next year and who knows when I will see you then, it all depends, as always :^). Enjoy yourselves, from all of us at TC., have an amazing wrap up of the year and a fancy start to the new one!

[Image: 0PBd8Mw.png]

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Website looks fresh, keep up the good work Mateusz and TC
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i decided to stay here for 3-4 hours per day because I am working overall, also i got shocked with new website theme! because my plans were more little from this website idea!, it, looks more better then I expected.

Keep it up with that theme idea! If I'll have some ideas I will share with you.

I subscribed to KastyTV!
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The site looks great. Good job Mateusz and other participants from TheCrewGaming. I am waiting for more things from stronger sides!!! GOOD JOB
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Well written Nathan. the new website looks awesome, well done Mateusz!
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The website seems pretty good looking forward to see it released.
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Site looks amazing!
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that's damn good,
such a fresh TCN
as always , waiting for the next TCN in the next 1-2 days ! Big Grin

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Website looks amazing! Congratulations :')
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