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This is a thread that shows some of the designs and graphics I made. I have also made some 3D designs.

[Image: Mazen_s-_Join-_Request-_-_Thierd-_Try-_0005.jpg]
[Image: image.jpg]

[Image: TC-_The_Crew_Gaming.jpg]
[Image: TCN.jpg]
[Image: TCN3.jpg]
[Image: NTL-_VS-_CR.jpg]
[Image: i_W-vs-n_TL.jpg]
[Image: Ctf-tour.jpg]

Note: I am not here to advertising, I'm just showing my own designs.
Can you tell me how you can do those 3D design ? Tell me the tutorial
I will be honest for you, all designs are looks cool except first photo, first photo is nonsense, because there is don't have any ramp or jump for flying cars, It is obvious that it is photomontage
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