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[Image: sKFwIP4.png]Greetings Hi, Nathan greets you. #64 Is the last release we have stopped at. Aand.. I am going to explain why in a second. First of all, I'd like to say good bye to the people who are just going to look at this post, not even read a sentence and just go (even though it's not going to be long). And I'd like to greet all of those who are going to stay for the duration of this short lecture. You might or might not be wandering about why TCN stopped, most likely you are not wandering, because you don't care or there are simply not enough people to care. And I personally understand that other people, especially the crew who keep an eye out for each release comprehend of the reason why there is a lack of them. Thing is, there is a logical reason for it. And one of the reasons is discomfort of usage on the forums, which pretty much means that we are waiting for the new forum to show up. In order to get the deliver-ability more ideal, the forum needs to show up and the great features that it contains need to be released at last, it is a long process to make a forum from scratch but we are surely getting there. And I really want to get this into your heads, it is a LONG process, but as you and I live our lives every day, so does Xiti and he is developing that as we go on with our daily lives.
Another point is, and again, I really want you to understand this is that the lack of content this season is just too much. The game life goes on, yet the amount of content that we really have to keep an eye out for is something that is hard to achieve right now. We all know why this is, people are starting out with new school years, taking on new life challenges and so on.. and so am I and so are you most likely, let us not make excuses about our lives because there is no point as it is what it is and we have to go with the flow. 
So what now, you may ask? I am going to be going to school, studying and flying my plane in the sim while I am at it. Is this supposed to be encouraging? No, not at all, more like informative for you all. I may surprise you one day with a release of some kind. Please, be advised that myself and people who are working on TCNs project are planning to evolve this in order to make this more modern, as a series usually evolves to take feedback about its freshness and so on. And when we get a little bit more time and receive encouragement, we will begin to execute those ideas and see what the general public and we, ourselves think as well as feel about them. As I said, deliver-ability is important and we will improve it. 
I will try and maaaaaybe release something this month, Xiti could tell us any day about something that is to do with the positive progress of our project and that might encourage us to do something about it and hype up the outskirts of the community. So, that's that. Let's be mature and wait, you have tasted the magnitude of our capabilities already. Stay safe and have a good one chaps.
"you have tasted the magnitude of our capabilities already"


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First of all, Good Luck with your study and flying plane.

it's very weird that TC isn't release their server and member start leaving the community. Isn't means i'm blaming on the community or community's developers No!.

anyways Best of Luck.

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"Its everyday bro, with the disney channel flow."

Honestly...I agree with your words, it's really hard and time consuming to focus two things at a time, in addition we have real life to look after which sometimes disturbs our ideas for certain projects.

I am currently struggling in my life because I am not getting financial support, and I have not got into college yet (2 years as of now...) despite having top grades in High School.

I am made a YouTube channel doing tech related videos and so far I have earned 7 million views and 26K subscribers. I am still not sure how my future is going to be like however I pray to Allah that things goes ease for me and for those who are suffering.

Anyways hope things go well for our ends.


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Well, people lost their hopes in MTA, they wanted to find a good server to play on, you know that there were lots of good communities which was planning to open severs, but they closed.
The crew gaming is one of these clans but not closed, hopefully, it won't. TC had two beta tests, it almost 1 or 2 years when you started the project of the new server? People don't like written texts, there must be an evidence to prove what you are doing, giving people small pictures about what you are making or developing will gape their attention to TC and they will focus on TC.
I hope I don't lose my beta key, hope you understand me.
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God damn.. been away for a while and came back for something good, but I guess this is shit. Sad to see TCN sort of dying Sad, a few members left. But I don’t think that should be a total let down for ya guys. Keep going ! Love ya Nathan <3

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(11-14-2017, 10:59), DarkyZ Wrote:
God damn.. been away for a while and came back for something good, but I guess this is shit. Sad to see TCN sort of dying Sad, a few members left. But I don’t think that should be a total let down for ya guys. Keep going ! Love ya Nathan <3
Thanks for the support! TCN is definitely not dying, it's going to come back as soon as we get juicy ideas and actual topics that we can cover. We also need to think about what I should add to the article and how should I change it so it will be more pleasing to take in. And because a few members left, its a legitimate choice of theirs, no one was discouraged after the BETA tests and they left because they have their own private reasons, I mean our lives continue and we need to make choices in order to make our lives easier. No one in our group chat is discouraged, all of us are quite happily waiting for more progress and are looking forward towards further content to release.

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The calm before the storm.

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(11-14-2017, 18:59), sEEk Wrote:
The calm before the storm.

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I have had some minor problems in my life because I have missed some small details in my life. Even now, I am trying very hard to be able to keep my life and to be with you. but due to the intensity of my work I am not very active on weekdays. so when I come from work I keep watch you and following you. I do not want to miss the slightest detail, so I'm taking some important notes by watching you carefully.

there are really important points when a creating website.
first of all, it is extremely important that a new website attract customers. I don't think it will be difficult to direct the players to the new website, but the important events in the site are based on years. I think it would be difficult to carry this effort to a new website. I dunno exactly what is going on, maybe you will apply a special method for it. site design is also very important. always use good to attract customers. so I think you might need to deposit some money.

It should also be accessible. If I look at the current layout, whenever someone likes my comment, there is no notification to me. and I don't see on my profile how many likes I get. the customer must be aware of each comment and like. I also can't customize my profile. I can't even add a background.

ie the customer should always be served. I appreciate you and I always follow your projects good work for you all ". (TC)N ."


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