Goodbye Flare
My time has come.
It is really hard for me to do this step, Im leaving this game. A hard negotiation.
Last time i played this game was January... The only time i played some hours was, when we (TC) opened the beta server. I was really
fascinated about the server and Xitis great work i have to say, but it is not fun anymore. I would rather play other games like PUBG/League of Legends or GTA5 RP.
Im not really good at writing such texts as you might noticed already, but I can only say that i had an awesome time with you guys.
I really loved being a part of this clan, it feeled like a family for me. I am exactly 2 years and almost 1 month in TC, and i do not regret it.
You guys gave me an awesome time. Maybe some of you would say "why would you leave now, the server is almost finished" but i was not in the clan
to wait for the server, it just feeled like the right place for me, i feeled really comfortable.
I can only wish you best of luck, i really hope you success in the future, especially to you Xiti, i hope you have success because you really
deserve it after so much work. I hope the community will rise dramatically and that a lot of players will play on the server. I will really miss
you guys. Eventhough I did not play MTA, i was always active in Skype (not always writing but I was reading everything though) and in a lot of
I will uninstall Skype and delete the forums from my favorites, so that i dont have the temptation to come back or even think about MTA anymore.
I want to give a special thanks or goodbye to people which were really important to me, eventhough we did not chat a lot, you guys were and will
stay always in my heart. Sorry if i forgot someone.

Xiti - As i mentioned already, best of luck dude. I wont forget how much you were helping me with my problems, you are a very nice and funny guy,
i hope you get a lot of money with TC - as you deserved. $$$$ take care of Frankaa
Frankaa - You are such a nice person, Xiti can be really happy about you, I wish there were more of you ;D I remember when I asked you something
about girls (thats really long time ago) and you helped me and I also remember your help with the Xiaomi Mi Max (still best phone! Big Grin)
Thanks for everything, Mother of TC
Shadox - Oh dude, i was in love with you. Eventhough you were really inactive this year, I remember our times at the start of TC. You made me happy
when we chatted and i always enjoyed playing with you. I will miss you bro
Ron1 - Brat, although we werent the best friends or didnt chat a lot, I was a big fan of you. You made me laugh a lot with your photos and messages,
dont change yourself! 
Lx - My drughelper xD Really loved chatting with you, you were like the experienced mature person to me who helped me in many things, love ya (:
Jekorgi - We werent big friends aswell, but I really liked you and enjoyed chatting with you!
Riser - Nibbaaaa, oh damn i remember the times you werent TC. You helped me at recording and after you applied to TC, i did everything for you
to get you in Big Grin Always gave good words for you, you are a very helpful person and crazy, I remember the times we were talking daily on skype
we both are so retarded xD With those random sounds and shit, do you remember? xD Love ya bro
Nathan - You are an angel dude. You always gave me motivation and said nice words to me, you are such a kind person. You also helped me with my
english some times, and I would not mind if you correct my mistakes in this whole text too xD As I said to your birthday wish, dont change,
stay as you are, you are awesome!
TK - Kebab bro. Really loved the times we were chatting on servers, you were the only guy who welcomed me on those servers xd Stay as skilled as you are!
CresPro - Another kebab, loved your attidude, was nice to insult each other <3
Zeet - Very friendly person, stay as you are <3

Slowsheep - aaaaaaaaa. Best guy ever! xd I love it to chat with you, youre such a retard <3 I hope we will hold some conversations on steam jajaja
Timbo - My pedobear. Haha was really funny with you, eventhough you wanted to rape me o.o
Wade - Arab bro, we lost our contact after you left TC, but i wont forget the times with you, especially when I was chatting with you on New Years Eve,
completely drunk xd
Final - Well you little hurensohn, we will have contact anyway, just wanted to mention you, cutie <3
AlieN - Oh damn. I really had to mention you xd You spanish faggot. You were my teacher in that shit language xd I finally passed it in school,
but still thanks for you help and the awesome time we had at playing on servers. Your a faggot <3
Qualiti,Snowi - Well, i dont know if you will read this, but I just wanted to thank you for the old eP! times, i had a lot of fun with you.
Good luck with 6s!

I have the feeling that i forgot someone, contact me if im dumb lol.
Well as you can see, im really bad at writing such things, but still, i hope you appreciate it, i will miss you all. I have so many memories,
i wont forget them all. I had so much fun

Most of the people say that you cant leave MTA. I know it will be hard, but trust me, you wont see me. If theres a Flare on some server, you
will know its a fake (im a noname so that will happen 100% Big Grin) or atleast that its not me.

If you want to contact me you can do that on Discord (Flare#7179) / Snapchat (danieldobrj) / Steam (zrarity or just Flare(but there are thousands)

I will wait some days until i uninstall skype or delete this and other forums, maybe someone wants to say goodbye to me what I would really 

All in all, I wish you the best of luck guys and sorry for my bad english, im still learning and sorry if I forgot anything

In love,
Flare <3

Im too emotional, i want to cry somehow Sad

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You have been erased from existance.
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Flare, SandwaveZ, 'TC|Xiti
Sad nooo
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I wish you the best Flare. It's hard to see people leave MTA but you have by far done the best goodbye post I have ever read. :'(
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Best of luck Flare, our lovely mate  Undecided   Heart Heart Heart
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I wish you best of luck @Flare, thanks for time we spent together in TC. : - )
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That's so cute dude xd
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Goodbye buddy, Dogdrin is gonna miss ya

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Flare, SandwaveZ
Flare, don't worry about it my dude, we all are human beings.. and this is completely understandable. I am not leaving you though, just know that!!
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