Getting a tattoo
Hey, I thought about posting this here because why not, I'd like to share it with you.

I'm going to get a tattoo, my first one, and honestly, I am not nervous or something, not afraid of how much it's going to hurt. But this isn't a tattoo I wanted as first one, I wanted an '?' in my low part of my leg, a bit above of my ankle, but i decided to get this one because my father is a pillar of my life, if you understand me.
I'm not a good at drawing but well, the tattoer will make it perfect so this is a "beta version" of it.

[Image: IMG_20171107_211428.jpg]

This way, getting a tattoo (which i guess it will not be the first one neither the last one) I just want to honor my father so, well, I would like you to tell me what you think about this thing I'm about to do (getting it soon) and if you got any tattoo or wanna get one.

Thanks for reading if you did. Greets

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It is very nice from you that you respect your dad that much. Do not forget to share the tattoo with us when it is ready!
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Hey Marque, it really nice that you are doing this for the honor of your father and it's a great idea for your first tattoo. Funny thing is that also today I'm going to get my first tattoo aswell. Just a quick tip, just don't regret it, it will stuck with you for the rest of your life, you will tell me now that there is no way of regreting it since it's for your father's honor, but even that, it will be something that you will see everyday, and get used with it. Good luck with it.

[Image: giphy.gif]
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It's gonna hurt, be prepared for it. But anyway the pain isn't excruciating, so don't worry. I did my first tattoo two years ago, firstly I loved it, then I started to regret it. So be sure of your decision. Now, after those two years I treat my tattoo like a part of mine, and generally I'm happy I did it. Would love to get more tattoos, but don't have a money, so I have to collect some "coins" before. Your idea is really cool, but at your place I would think about replacing simply inscription like "Dad" with some symbols which could present him as a "pillar of your life". Anyway good luck with it! I hope you will be happy after your first tattoo, because it's the most important Smile
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Thanks guys, it's coming in 2 weeks and of course i will show you how it will look! I really appreciate your comments and yeah, it's going to hurt but I'm getting it in a place where it hurts less than, for example, the chest, the feet or the stomach. Well I guess that's all, I will reply again here with the result!

Something really off topic:
My nick is now 808MAFIA, guess Marque got obsolete for me or something like that.

See ya!

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Well mate. If u decided to do a tattoo, do it without thinking anymore because u get into thoughts and passions (dilemmas). I did a tattoo yesterday, but my one is a bit bigger than yours (half sleeve I did) and i'm not sorry and I'm going to keep doing that. You should not care and depend on anyone) tattoos is not for everyone ( u have to be crazy, flashy,perky ... u know what i mean?). If u already decided to do and u like it ,do it and stop thinking)

Make your tattoo to someone a good tattooist with a good reputation to be sure he'll make it well and u wont regret it. Maybe you'll give more money, but he'll do it right .. it is for lifetime lol. And yeah It will hurt a little, but it is tolerable Smile
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Good job, you see that you have respect for your dad. I'm also going to do a tattoo. My mom's face. I think, It will be great for me and my mom will be happy.
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[Image: StutNWI.jpg]Getting a tattoo doesn't hurt. I have one (isn't finished yet, needs shading) it's more of the feeling of the needle ripping your skin.

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Hello guys, well its here! Didnt hurt that much i must say... Big Grin

[Image: Screenshot_2017-11-28-19-47-05.png]

Let me see your thoughts about it!

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[Image: 1518732497694789077342.jpg]

Hey, i got a new one, as you can see its the Deathly Hallows from Harry Potter. What do you think about it?

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