what actually intelligent mean???
I am always confused that what is the actually meaning of intelligent.
A person who is clever and have good academic knowledge can be considered as intelligent.
psychology says that it is the skill which enrich our life with self confidence and practically performing good.
I used to work among the clan,actually is it necessary to work in clan.am i intelligent in that clan??
it has a lot of meanings.

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It's been long time i don't reply to anybody on forum, but you definetly deserve it!

If you want to have information about the meaning of "Intelligent" The Crew website is not the correct one, but you can just easily type on google "Intelligent Dictionary" and will give you the meaning, since it's hard to understand how to do it, i will give you a shortcut, just press at the link below and read with attention and after give us your opinion.

I think many people believe in different meanings to the word 'intelligent'. But most people associate it with 'smart'.
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