The Crew News #64 - The Cycle

Created by Nathan

Greetings Hi, Nathan greets you once again. We all know why I didn't write a release last week, lack of topics, yeah! Some people are saying that MTA is indeed dying and some people are saying that its just a temporary time of break-downs amongst the communities. I've wrote a piece before talking about this phenomenon, its something that indeed repeats every few years just for the sake of this game, it is how it is. This game ain't dying any time soon, no matter how active or inactive people are. Aaaand.. talking about inactivity, we've got some people who were inactive coming back to the game, that is our main topic for today, anyway, I don't really know how long this release will be but hey.. hopefully you still will enjoy it somehow. And as the last thing I wanted to state in this paragraph is that we are not getting a new TCN logo for this season because we just are not, mkay? Mkay, let's roll.
[Image: NGc0b4c.png]
[Image: g6L3W1M.png?1]
See? I told you there will be comebacks.. ekhrm, ekhrm, if you still don't know what I am talking about or who I am talking about.. it is SprayCan who made a legendary comeback with his new mates, peeps like CreeX or Corrupt. Now, they have a very nice looking website indeed. From what I have heard, they are quite motivated to do well within the competitive side of things when it comes to the general racing community. And like all, they want to compete against the very best of teams around! When I was mentioning those chaps at the top up there I should have said that the boss in their club is Every, quite the gentleman, yes. That aside, I really wish you guys to develop as a team well and to continue your legacy toxicless and without any misunderstanding, all of those things are truly unnecessary, you guys should be a mature example to every single community by starting off with a great kick as well as show to everyone how this can be a game without any toxicity surrounding the competitivity. I really wish and dream about a team like that in the community. Anyway, my job here is done. I wish well for you, beginnings are gifts and don't waste your chance of a fruitful beginning.

[Image: vnhgxcN.jpg]
L7 | TC vs VIP

This has happened a little while back, but yes.. we have played against VIP, oh wait that was yesterday.. well this happened yesterday and yeah, you probably are wandering what the score was.. it was something like 52:88 for TC, for us, yes. It probably was a close one, and I wish I could watch it but I didn't cuz I wasn't here, yeah.. I am just less active on the weekends, I don't know why? I guess meet Nathan who has a little bit of a different schedule when it isn't summer in fact. Who here misses summer, i bet most of you do.. yeah, same here.. Anyway, congratz to our unbeatable WFF squad! They deserve a round of applause *clap*, *clap*.
Shooter | /4iM\ vs TC
And yes, yesterday was quite an eventful day because of the amount of battles we had. I really was not at home yesterday, I keep on missing those great events, it is just sad ladies and gents, it quite is. But anyway, more on topic; This is quite interesting, just because this was a 3 vs 3 kinda party, and we didn't like that, but we still agreed on so as the opponent team really wanted to have it their way, fair enough lads! Next thing, our shooter team would really love to have more of those shooter clan wars, but it can't be the case these days, or at this moment. We will see how it all will develop and hopefully we will work something out.. or the shooter teams will work something out, right? no? maybe? Again, we'll see.

This is quite the map to adore to some extent. My reason to adore it is because the mapper, Rockz, wasn't afraid of adding a touch of something a little bit new to the decorations of this map. For the majority of this map we see decoration that we all know of, and we have seen. Yet, in an addition to that we see some desert-like features here and there around the map, which is interesting and it suites the map quite well in fact! The map itself will require practice before proceeding with it though, some parts are counter intuitive and therefore may be challenging to some people. I really like this map as it is something we don't get that often and we can see that the obvious work has been put into this map. Let's appreciate it!
And as I told you guys, this release was a little bit short tonight. The release two weeks ago was fairly lengthy due to the lack of releases before that time, hope you enjoyed that one but most importantly, hope you enjoyed this one as well. Found out something interesting and perhaps appreciated that information spread around the whole community was put into one place for your comfort of receiving those news. As the development of the forum is going on at this moment, there isn't much news about anything right now.. do not worry even a little bit, the steady development of our project continues every single day as you all proceed with your day! Anyway, enough of my blabber, hope you enjoyed this one tonight. I hope you have a safe week and don't mess anything up! Have a good one people.

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<3 thank you mentioning us

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well written, and thanks for mentioning us Big Grin

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(10-22-2017, 21:18), Every Wrote:
well written, and thanks for mentioning us Big Grin

Thank you, Nathan Smile
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are you guys working on a new website? or making some changes on the current website. btw good news

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(10-23-2017, 5:34), DarkFly Wrote:
are you guys working on a new website? or making some changes on the current website. btw good news
Yeah, we are and check out the last TCN release for an image presenting the steps we are taking in order to finish our project.

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reason of pushing up ?

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I thought that we should have at least one sticky here.

Was scrolling past 4 threads really that much of a chore???
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