DarkFly vol.9 - Power Passion (Official Trailer)
[Image: Ay7Qlr.png]
Hello there! today i wanna present you new a video about my next incoming map called "Power Passion". i hope you like it! don't forgot to leave a like and comment. 

Description About the map,I am working about the map since one month and i guess it's will be perfect for your elite eyes, if you don't want to watch it then go to suicide. because there is have very effort, I am not a perfect editor and I don't have good very quality a computer but I did my best. also I know what you think, why don't have any clan intros in the video, there is don't have any intros of the offical clans because it's a trailer video. Credits

Led Lights: DarkFly's Blights

Infernus: Micra 

Music: -
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