The Crew News #61 - The Legendary Fall
Greetings hi, Nathan greets you. I am quite the person who is pushing it to the limit right now when it comes to the time of writing this article at this very moment. It is around midnight when i am writing those words at the moment, here in Ireland. I will try my best to keep this up to a good standard, if i don't and i fall asleep.. shame on me! Anyway, today we won't be having as much news today.. buuuuut, the news that we are going to be having are going to be something special, at least two of them will be, i tried to gather as much as i can for today, yet it may not work out as well as i probably was planning to. So, that's that. If i will make any stupid mistakes then you must excuse me.. i was really planning to release the news on Saturday evening.. well, i went out and got slightly lost in the wild City Centre of Dublin.. yeah, i found my way back and was home at almost 10pm my time.. which isn't too efficient. I guess this could be used as an example of me putting work into this and the effort that you hopefully see each week or each two weeks i release those articles. Without any further blabber or what-not, i shall proceed with writing what i must! Let's do this.
[Image: OWQbOwr.png]
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The Legendary Fall
Indeed, quite sad. Yet the ultimate choices have been made and even when most of the members might not want to look back at this and try to not reflect on it too much, this is something that must be respected when it comes to commemoration of something that was an existant legacy for years. I've respected this community so much, I can't even express it meaning that i cannot express my feelings towards the shock that may have went through me after a good amount of time when i realized that it's actually over. Over, yeah.. well, Gallardo himself is open for suggestions yet he is going to take his precious time with that one, which is completely understandable, with all dues of respect i will not forget about this community so he can indeed take the amount of time with whatever may come into his works for the future, something that might spark up a possible change and something new for us all to witness, which would be quite amazing. Igor has mentioned that people have stopped caring, that's talking about the majority.. not glancing an eye on something quite minor.. for him something with this minority should not matter, yet.. a person like myself has believed that ER was not just a place to really spend on time on improvement of general skill.. it was more of a place to look back at what was in the past and try to commemorate that with what we had when the server still alive, it was the purity of the atmosphere that really helped me with remembering the old times, the people and how sufficient were the admins.. the professionalism and maturity at most points in time, of course was a big factor for me and many others. It was something we all appreciated, after all. Gallardo, please.. don't make it sound like it's something small, like its something to be left for the past to devour, no. The words i've written were what i really thought they were.. and what i really felt they were. I do respect you and your life, there comes a time where we all have to fulfill ourselves within our true life, which is understandable. For now, this is all to be left. I don't really want to end this with a conclusion.. just please, remember what at least i've spoken about.. the experience given was something i shall not witness for a while. Thank you.    
-RedBull-, Yeah.. those guys. Something ends, something else begins.. quite ironic in fact. I've taken a glance at The Favoured Few's server a little while ago, seeing people with those tags once again.. i was instantaneously in shock. I didn't take in too much information at the time.. but it is official.. and quite new, they are opening back with their arms open to the members of the past. A DM community that has been a really good spot for the Polish and not only in like what.. 2013? I cannot really look back at this moment, it's like twenty minutes past midnight when i am writing this. Kane, who was a leader then has left the scene to continue on with his life.. yet the legacy has stayed within some people, Grzybek right now who is re-opening this is indeed gathering all the resources in the meaning of having people and.. talent at the same time and in the same case. Right now, they don't have a website.. i mean a forum, or a website.. but they will have one in the near future as i've heard! Which is something Grzybek is waiting on himself right now, the logo will be given to me at some point and i will add it above at a later time. Anyway, i've played there back in `13 and i did quite enjoy it even though considering the fact that i was a very quiet kid. I did indeed play there. Now that they are back i am going to keep my eyes open wildly at them, indeed! Good luck to Grzybek and all the lads involved in this shocking comeback.
[Image: GMizDbF.png?1]
This is something i don't think i've mentioned before, at least not lately or from what i remember. Anyway this is Who Finishes First with slightly older maps which is what i appreciate.. and this is the exact reason of why this is here! I love Old School and WFF at the same time.. a very great combination indeed. So, FFS is doing this for some time now and the tournament is going on for the past few weeks, on Saturday.. which was yesterday or for some people its still even today.. games have been played Group 7 and 8 have been played and on September the second Group 9 will be played. I don't follow along this too well.. i truly must get involved into one of these events at some point in time, i really do. Anyway, if you haven't even known about this and you're an old timer like i am when it comes to playing DM for quite a long time, give that one a look at, definitely something interesting and sentimental to follow these evolutionary days.
[Image: E99ejMK.png]
[Image: zM4volN.png?1]
Full HD, press HERE
Art of the Week, by Jekorgi, slick as always.. lovely!

[Image: FxRIsiS.png?1]
Full HD, press HERE
Honourable mention, a job well done by Mokka.  

You might be wondering, what's going on with the AotW posts, people simply lost interest in what was going on.. so hey, if you have any art for me.. send it to me or nuRd by skype and we will mention is.. we hopefully will still be having art each week but made by Jekorgi or Riser.. or one of you if you are still willing to work on anything! Don't worry, the posts for applying those will be back in the near future. 

You can say, i have made a promise to myself that i will make a good commentary on this while writing TCN.. i am very tired as it almost is 1am here in Ireland.. i won't be making as much of it as i planned.. i am sorry for that one Brian. But what did all of you think when you have spotted those three names on a map.. yes, one map with all those three. Brian surely has promised us in the past that he won't be messing around anymore when making a map.. and he surely isn't from what we can see from this map. This map has an amazing (for me) decoration whis resembles the past, and how it may have looked like if somebody made a similar track back in like mid 2011.. anyway, the deco here suits it very well.. yeah, for me it does. The parts themselves have something modern in them, which isn't bad.. it is quite good, as it also tells us that we are indeed almost at the end of 2017, we should be appreciative of such creations when it comes to the track itself. As of course, there is a lot of references to NitroN's mapping style which is presented there very well and we all get a good taste of it! The map overall is great and the quality of the recording is very good as well.. a job well done to everyone!

Yeah, so we all are kind of done right now.. i mean, i'm done.. who else is supposed to be done.. i am going to bed, yes i am. Most definitely i am heading for that bed right there, the mistakes tomorrow are going to kill me.. oh well, i did what i had to and now it's over! So.. i wish y'all a fine week first of all, do stay safe and i am hoping for more juicy topics for next week.. myself and nuRd are indeed awaiting more juicy topics for next week. Yes! Have a good one everyone, stay safe.
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R.I.P ER, sad. On the other hand, you have followed everything as always and thank you for giving me space.
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Thank you for mentioning my graphic. That's sad, ER is closed, they had awesome server and players. Well written as always Nathano
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Rip ER, they had an awesome server.
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So sad for ER, it was a very good server with full of creative stuff.. ;l
Well written Nathan, as always!

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Well written news once again Nathan, really cool pictures Mokka and Jekorgi both of them are awesome. It's sad that ER, a great server / community, has been closed but life goes on and best of luck to the RedBull team.
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I'm so gonna miss my car at ER and their server ;(..

Fucking awesome topics for today, awesome job Nathan buddy. Waiting for that Irelandish voice in da streams.
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gratz new tria...
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