The Crew News #60 - Artistic
Greetings hi, Nathan greets you. I hope you are all doing fantastic this evening. If you look there, up above you will see the title of this release you've probably seen it by now actually when you were pressing on the post from the main forum page, but well... please do not make any jokes about that name, there is one obvious one that i've spotted easily, but well.. if you don't know why it is called liked this, you shall see in time. Yeah, you will definitely see why it is called like that. Anyway, we have finally reached #60, it has been 10 weeks since #50 and indeed, not so long ago we've experienced BETA, which was an amazing achievement for Xiti and a good stress reliever for us at TC here, and possibly a good nerve breaker for you all there waiting for it, so.. that was a highlight. We are at #60 and after this one we will have 39 releases to go until a 100! But who knows what can happen in between all that time, pretty much anything can change and anything can happen, hopefully we still will be at the right track. If you are still reading this paragraph then well done, and i have a little challenge for you. If, and just IF i won't be taking any breaks in writing TCN's between now and the 100th release, when exactly will the 100th release be? Give two dates, for two days of a standard weekend. The person with the most accurate date will perhaps get a.. i don't know, we will think about something, definitely doesn't sound promising now though! So.. today in TCN we will be having our new trials announced and they shall be announced in a nice way indeed, then we will be having standard sub-topics that were prepared exactly for this TCN and.. yeah, we've prepared some nice art for at least one of them, at the end of those we will be having something special coming from one of our co-leaders, and it is about a project he is doing.. more details about that below. And after all, Map of the Season.. the almighty MotS, we have been choosing the map for two weeks now, and it's kind of obvious who won that event, after that we will be having some art presented.. myself and nuRd forgot about AotW #13, therefore RiseR has prepared something a little more special for you this week. Well, this has been the longest Introduction paragraph ever. Enjoy it!
[Image: OWQbOwr.png]
[Image: E99ejMK.png]
[Image: xysYFsU.png]
Something all of our considered peeps have been waiting on for a goooood while now, and i am sure most of you are going to skip this little paragraph cuz the big photo at the bottom there. But anyway, here comes the time where people shall be disappointed and some shall be more than happy.. this time please, just show a little bit of respect to each other, the people who have failed to achieve a membership, those guys deserve a little respect from the people who have been granted the membership, so please.. shake your virtual hands and show some respect, let's continue on fighting for what we really want to achieve in this game that is MTA of course, i mean yeah.. we might get emotionally tired at some point, yet after a rest the want comes back to life.. some people change their opinion about a community and its people after a failure, but its their choice.. its just how it works, it isn't quite logical.. but people live by their own rules. It's just how it has to be, some will change and some will not. For now, please welcome all of those people here. By the way, shoutout to RiseR who has been making all of those artsy stuff for us! Again, welcome all the new people here.. well deserved places after months of discussion. Just a thing to remember, be yourself after you join and don't change your way of being yourself like that. 
[Image: Anuqwhd.png]
A very warm welcome!

[Image: MkpJQmD.png]
 Correction: 29* - 111, our bad sorry! 
First of all, i'd like to thank BriaN for letting me know about this event that happened recently. BriaN himself has been very kind to us lately when it comes to providing topics or something.. talking about that.. thanks to the whole ER which has provided us topics in the past few weeks. I do like mentioning WFF in here, that's why i also do appreciate ER and VIP having this sort of a clash, always some good news when there is a WFF battle between communities that are just getting into it, it is quite the proof of WFFication (inspired from the word desertification), which is a spread of something in the area.. in this case it's the spreading of a new mode in the general population of the racing community, which is nice. I, myself haven't been able to witness it.. therefore, i can't say much more. It must have been a somewhat of an enjoyable game.. and hopefully it was fair as well. Well done to both sides.
[Image: SgKm6Tp.png?1]
Alright... let's begin this sub-topic with several opinions. Honestly, I like communities striving to keep the MTA players from falling asleep. This tournament is very interesting because it isn't a typical race tournament.. this only involves motorcycles. That's why it's called MotoInvasion, very clever indeed. Now, that's not something i've seen ever before. This will be very interesting to comepete in, surely. So if you folks got spare time to kill and like motorcycles then this tournament will be the place to go. (Who doesn't like motorcycles? am i right..) This is a very limited tournament as they wont accept everyone signing up, kind of a first come first served situation so you better sign up fast as there are only 32 players allowed in. Right now on the 20th of august there has been 10 players accepted and 2 more that applied so you better get a seat fast. Here is the website where you can sign up. (written by nuRd) CLICK ME  

This is a topic regarding a clanwar that took place yesterday, it was a deathmatch clanwar and the two teams clashing against each other were eP vs MAD! I've been told about this clanwar only today, as i don't follow the clanwar scene so much after stopping to stream, which is unfortunate. But well.. hopefully i can go back to streaming after someone gives me a chance to stream an event like so. A report on Sixth Sense's website has been given by Kamen after the clanwar has been resolved. He states that MAD are quite new to hunters, in other words.. its a new experience for them, to build a well structured team with a great potential of winning.. it requires time and a good amount of effort.. and this is when it comes to playing hunters against a team like eP who have amazing experience with hunters. So.. that is that, apparently it was an alright game and progress has been made, but some players could have performed better from MAD's side. Anyway, we will see what happens in the future for those guys.
[Image: kHpxHwP.png?2]
This is something new and it's not really related to MTA, but i've been nicely asked to mention this, so there y'all go. This here, is a project that has been introduced to us by Damian or sEEk.. one of our great co-leaders. It was more to do with his real life stuff, it's a project.. really.. i am sure you have heard of a company called Siemens.. there manufacture pretty much anything, look them up.. anyway, they have made a competition.. it involves making an electric car.. and Damian with his buddies is going for it! So.. they will have a race in Sepetember sometimes where they have to win to get into the UK.. more about that later, not only the winning matters.. a lot of other factors go into it like for example the design the team working skills and ideas or even designs, so yeah.. if they get the first place they go to the UK for a race against teams from all around the world. Which is kind of amazing for Damian and his buddies. What he wants us to do, some of you may know about this already since there has been a thread posted by sEEk himself who has given all the information here. So.. they have a Facebook ( press on the coloured Facebook to access their page ) page and well, if you could give them as much love and support as possible.. it would really help.. like really, really help! So go ahead and do it, well.. without any further addo.. some of you may be wandering how is it going with their design of the car... and how it is going, you can see it on their facebook page banner.. The very best of luck to them.
[Image: S7tVzuM.jpg?1]
 Link to Full HD, HERE
This Art of the Week has been made by Rise[R] himself, we all must congratulate him as he hasn't been using C4D for a while.. and worked on this little piece for a good while.. like only a few hours (lmao), but it is all good. So, very well done to him right there for all the work that he has put in for me today.. litreally last second of a piece that i've requested from today morning, thankfully he had an idea in his head and it was pretty much a great save.. Rise[R] himsef is a saviour for this TCN when it comes to all the art that you've already seen other than the one for the motorcycle tournament.. pretty nice. Do appreciate the work put in by RiseR and.. yeah, we know you may be having complaints about the water, but well.. it is how it is.

[Image: 2sktp9m.png?1]
Link to Full HD, HERE
A honorable mention, work done by Mokka
[Image: P8cytky.png]
[Image: NOmdQA1.png]

very well deserved place, with a quite of a big advantage when it comes to the vote that has been taking place for a week. Nothing much to say, really.. this map has been mentioned in the previous release which was #59, as you may remember my commentary for the map was pretty good and i think.. yeah, this has been a well deserved place here.. and hopefully Arrow will continue with this kind of a style of mapping, as i do appreciate it and i do enjoy playing those kind of maps. As i said, nothing too much to say as it has been only mentioned last week. A honorable mention to BriaN - Nostalgia II and Budya V16 - Dark Fantasy as they have been the places after this map which is Close to Perfection.. i hope Arrow here is very happy of what he has achieved lately, and is indeed happy of this place right now. Thanks for voting y'all.. MotS will be back in 9 weeks.

Alright boys and girls, ladies and gents.. it is time to end writing this release at the very last.. i am late already with this release.. so i will keep this short as always, this was the 60th release of the news, and i will be striving to go on for the 70th one.. the numbers get bigger and the amount of articles written gets bigger in amount as well. I hope you guys will go continue on being with us on this journey as myself and nuRd will try to bring you the best content possible. But for now, have an awesome week.. keep it safe and well.. enjoy your evening or day, wherever you are.. : )
[Image: 0PBd8Mw.png]
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