The new look of TC Media.

Created by RiseR

Today we show you the new look of our social media section. This includes our Youtube banner, Twitch banner, Stream overlays and a new Podcast overlay .

As we are gonna start, we go ahead and show you our new Youtube/Twitch Banner!

[Image: tctwitchbanner.png]

This banner comes along with a very cool looking background! Mountains! Pasting our TC logo without the circle made it look way better. And also the new motto we using is The Power of Surprise. Which was used before by Ron1.

And as second we show you guys our Stream overlays!
[Image: TCcollage.png]
With these Stream overlays we give you a fresh feeling of the upcoming streams. In each overlay we decided to have it look like the same, but with other emotions in each overlay. adding cool backgrounds to it and its font made it look sweet.
If you want to have a better look on each overlay , click on the links below.

In-game overlay: Click here
TC Break: Click here
TC Offline: Click here
TC Countdown: Click here
TC Livestream finished: Click here
As third and last of our changes. Its the Podcast overlay change.

[Image: TCPodcast_BG.png]

In this new change we have brought you a very nice looking way of our hosts and participants. We have got rid of the sound waves and brought the Speaker icon in its place. If one person talks the speaker icon shows up.If the other(s) don't talk he/she will have a muted speaker. Along with this new change we have brought a very chill looking background that will change every new podcast.

Thats it for this new fresh looking update of TC Media. See you next time.

Rise[R] & Nathan. The Media Management.
Hey, just to add something in quite important for your enjoyment of watching the streams. I have a recommendation to make. 
BetterTTV is an addon for Twitch that allows you to have a lot of cool stuff for your twitch site. You can look at a lot of emotes and
gifs on the website. And have a dark-mode for your website as well.. many other cool things await. To download BTTV all you have to do
is click HERE and install the addon to your browser.

On our Twitch Page there is a new icon for the logo section it looks like this:
[Image: 2hdwG0R.png]
And for you it may look like this:
[Image: Xqrky6j.png]

To change this, make sure you have BTTV Installed first of all.
And go to your Chat Section. And click on the gear to open the pop-up settings section of the twitch-chat.

[Image: sBgLlwt.png]

Then click on the Dark Mode icon under the BetterTTV section. 

Your twitch page should automatically change to the DarkMode and should fit in more with the overall look of the page.

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Really awesome,
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It looks so awesome, good job guys, keep it up.
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Looks astonishing, sometimes I just wish I could be as good as you guys. Big Grin
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Lovelyyyyyyyyyyysiiiiiiiiiiii! Heart

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Incredible !
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