>VIP< versus TC - Destruction Derby Thread Closed 
Clan name: Very Important Players
Website:  https://vipgaming.eu/
Contact details: remco-valk (skype)
Type of competition: Destruction Derby 3vs3
Server: KekZ Clanwar DD Server #2 
Date & time: January 21st 20:00 CET
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'TC| Players

•  Trend
•  JmicK
•  Ron1

'TC| Reserves


'TC| Maps

Cross S15
Cross Mey

>VIP< Players


>VIP< Reserves

•   >VIP<ZJK

>VIP< Maps Will be picked after acceptance

Zaya Training
Cross XL

Rule- MAX ping: 150
- Min. FPS: 35
- Camping is not allowed
- Both teams choose 2 maps, each map is being played 5 times, 20 rounds total.(s can be edited and expaned)
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The clanwar, has been accepted!

Contact me via skype: freddy6.sk
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The thread has been fully updated with all of TC's members and all of the maps from both teams. 
I will be streaming this clanwar today myself @ http://www.twitch.tv/thecrewgamingmta
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Good game and Well played to both teams. This was quite and unexpected one. TC took all the rounds and ended up with 20-0.
If you have missed the stream you are going to be able to rewatch it now!

We are looking for more CW Opportunities, so there will be no harm in any of you posting a request! Feel free to do so. All the requests will be taken under
careful and proper consideration.
Until next time.
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