100 Ideas for a script - Effect Maker (1/3) #7
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I'm coming back with a new episode! I was going to finish the series on 6th episode but as it can be seen I changed my mind.  This time I'm going to show you simple tool which may be helpful in creating GTA effects. I didn't spend much time to make such a thing therefore it's pretty simple. Hopefully some of you find it useful. Meanwhile enjoy the video I created. It's pretty long because it partly shows how I map (1:05 - 4:45 to be exact). At the begining I reffered to my favourite movie "Lord of The Rings".

Intro by Reflex
The Lord of the Rings - The White Tree
Chill Out x Ambient Mix  Summer Vibes Session
How to create effects?
1. Create a small object (e.g. ID 3000), select it and press H. You can also create many effects in one click. Just type ID of an object you haven't used before and press 'Effect from ID'. It will exchange all objects to effects. Press ENTER if you want to save the effects or X to destroy them. Keep in mind all objects you used to create effects will be deleted.
2. Open 'Output' and copy the code.
3. Create a .lua file (e.g. client.lua) in your map folder and paste the code there.
4. Add the script to meta.xml:
<script src=\"client.lua\" type=\"client\"/>
1. Do not set high drawing distance if it is not needed because it might cause some fps drops in old computers (if you are going to create many effects).
2. Do not create so many effects in 1 place it might cause fps drops.
3. Press 'Update all' button if you don't see preview of an effect (because it isn't looped) OR you want to see preview of all effects created by 'H' button.
4. Keep in mind if you use effects which are NOT looped you should put them to a function which is triggered (for example) on marker hit. Otherwise they won't be visible for anyone.
5. You can also use setEffectDensity and setEffectSpeed for some of your effects. Unfortunately you have to do it by yourself. Example:
myEffect = createEfffect(500,400,600,0,0,0,100)
setEffectDensity(myEffect, 2)
[Image: vgeDbVc.png]

(Feel free to report bugs and share suggestions how to improve the tool)

mall">In next 2 episodes I will show you other tools. 
One of them will be Water Maker which I need to rebuild. 
CreateWater function is like pain the ass because it has many restrictions. 
Anyway stay tuned because 8th episode is going to be released very soon!

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That's so awesome, my gosh!
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