The Crew News #38 - An Exciting Start
Welcome to the first official TCN of the year ladies and gents. As the year kicks in we've got more tournaments to announce. Also i came back from my winter holiday which took around 2 and a half weeks, now i'm back.. really couldn't wait to get my hands back on the keyboard. I totally was waiting to come back and have an exciting start to a year by writing some news. I wanted to thank each and every single one of you who has been here the whole year of 2016 and even not a full year, a big amount of months the past year i hope y'all stay with us for some more time as this year is going to be the one in which we show what we really do want to show and what we really want you to see at last.  So please, do enjoy this weeks news as we start the year in an exciting manner.
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Didn't have one of these for a while
We've done a good job and beat a new record for the amount of players online at the same time on the MTA Servers. 28,476 People were online at the same time yesterday on January the 6th at 17:30. Not sure which time zone was that, but i'm guessing it's the time of where the developers are. I think i was even on at that time, so i was a part of it! Good job to everybody and let's hope we'll be getting more of those milestones in the near future.
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Very exciting!
We are very close to our Beta Testing Process with all of you fine folks, we will see the server in it's Beta State for the first time! I hope y'all are excited as we are, after quite a bit of waiting the time has finally come. Around a week ago our Great founder Xiti has added a dark green box over the recent threads section. You can click on that link and it will redirect you to sign up for our Beta if you didn't already. Some people were getting confused a little bit with what's going on.. some people have the keys already, but we are doing an open registration process? What is that, right? Well, if you want the answers to that question and some others you should read the official post announcing the beta registration in it's official state written by my friend Simas. You can do that by clicking Here.
Just to remind y'all fine folks that we are going to have something interesting for you coming up on the 15th of January, so that is in a weeks time on Sunday. It's called Discover TC and it is going to have to be kept a secret until the 15th. So, tune in for that in a week! That same day we will be having to announce our new beta testers from this registration period, so another very exciting thing to be looking forward to.
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Good old race!
Race is probably one of the oldest modes of the game, and it is still up and running by some driven and dedicated folks working in communities preparing events and tournaments for everybody! Those words are very pleasent to read as tomorrow on Sunday, the 8th of January Stroth is organizing a Race tournament with a 20 Euro prize pool for the person who gets the most medals! Wow, a real cash prize. I'd say it is worth taking a shot at it just to get some of that dosh if you know what i mean. If you are interested what medals are and most importantly where and how to sign up for this. You should CLICK this link for all the rules, and if you want an official site of the championship you should click Here for that. I myself am interested in how will that work out. Wish all of the organizers the best of luck and all of the racers to have fun.           
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HDM Striving Forward!
A job well done to KnOwN for organizing another HDM tournament for Project Beast called the Immortal Demons. The name of the tournaments sounds kinda badass to be honest. After their very successful first DD Tournament ever, they went onto their first tournaments out of many most likely in this new year of 2017. It's a HDM tournament with a lot of quality, Project Beast have been doing a great job lately when it came to organizing tournaments with a professional stand-point when taking under consideration points like the referees or providing the server. If you guys are interested in perhaps participating or knowing the rules, you are welcome to do so by clicking Here in that same topic you also have a link at the bottom of the post for the registration page, i wish Project Beast a very successful event and wish the players the very best of luck.
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And another one!
A rematch between two great "ass-kicking" teams in DM has been announced a few days ago by FiNN of 6s. A Deathmatch Clanwar that is going on right now, started on 18:00 GMT +1. If you aren't tuned into that one yet, you should. The last CW Ended in favour to Sixth Sense, how it will go now? We shall see. I wish each and every single player good luck and may the best one win with honour!         

Stepped up a lot! 
As for our map of the week we've chosen Pablow v3 - Indecent Proposal. This map is probably one of the best i've seen in a while. From a personal point of view i think that this map is great just because of how much Pablow has stepped up in the terms of advancing forward and showing the difference behind his previous maps. This map has some great parts which fit in together perfectly, all the parts do fit in together very well and it is enjoyable to drive when you really know the map itself. RiseR, one of our Media Managers has edited this beauty in a very great way, probably the best quality edit he has made so far.. Riser is too very well starting to be recognized in the recording part of the community. If Pablow is going to continue mapping which i hope he will, i am interested at what level will he be the next time we will see his work. 

So, as always ending TCN on the map of the week and the last paragraph which is this one. I really hoped you enjoyed those weeks news, and again i wanted to thank the people who have been with us for a while now we all do appreciate it. With all that said, we will see you next week!

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As always good news. Good job.
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Damn... I always love your dedication and how you write! Well written, I wish Project Beast best of luck with their HDM tournament Smile

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Well written Nathan. Good news as always.
Can't wait for the beta launch.
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Thank you for mentioning us on the news!

~Cheers, The Crew Smile
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Another great news @Nathan.

Big congratulations to: @Mazda @TK @M4RT1N (once again) and @Wade (our ''forever trial'' haha) for promoting.

good job bois! ^^
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Gongratulations to Mazda, M4RT1N, Wade and TK for the promotion , you deserve it guys Smile
Another great news Mr.Nathan, keep it up. 
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Welcome to the orange tag trials! TongueMonkey
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I would like to thank you for promoting me. I promise I will not disappoint you.

I guess I do not have to repeat myself ten times about the news. I am as excited about the BETA testing as everybody, I cannot wait for it.
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