Nathan's Reflections #17 - "New e-Sports Year!"
Back to work! Holidays slowly come to an end and a new big year is starting for the professional scene of CS. I am Nathan. And i myself came back today in the afternoon from my winter holidays. I did absolutely nothing but watched some TV Shows on phone. No PC Unfortunately.. but that's just how it was. Each day i couldn't wait to get my hands back on the keyboard and start typing some articles once again. Aside of that, more into the topic. You can definitely expect some minor and major tournaments pointed out here for this year and you can also expect some news from a few tournaments that have been or are going on at the moment. For example the ASUSROG Tournament with brand new teams which is quite interesting to look at. You can expect highlights of the best plays made in 2016 and best players of the previous year. You will not be disappointed, and with that being said i am going to go and smash not one but two! Yes, two ECO RUSH videos to fill this thing up as i missed some of his videos made by him on the holidays. Let's get into it.

Personal favorite!
You can call this one my personal favorite just because of the clean sweep Snax has done. The commentators reaction of the whole thing is amazing. And most likely the best thing that has happened right there was the reaction of the players themself. TaZ was trully happy while giving that high-five and Neo and Pasha were simply stunned. I can confirm that Pasha has said "Co Kurwa?!" while he was holding his hand on the forehead. Those taps were trully one of the juiciest you could have ever seen in the history of this whole entire game. I mean it's around since 1999 i follow the e-Sport scene since 2010.. but.. what even is this?! That was the real proof to y'all of what he could do. There was many other plays in Cologne that he made that were amazing with the AWP. Let's move on to the next highlight.

Proof of a ever-lasting legend.
 I've chosen this one because it is another one that stands out the most to me. It's just.. that 1v5 was a big proof of something. It was a proof of a ever-lasting legend. NEO has experienced more than 90% of the pro players that are around now. He had his times in 1.6, probably the best of his life. But, he is still playing in the G5 Virtus.Pro, he is a huge guy a big legend that showed that even after playing the game for such a long time (17 years), no matter what you go through you can still come back as a champ. Like pasha once said: 
Quote:You can't think like "I have bad games, I need to retire", if you don't let it get into your head, you can come back as a champion.
This highlight is the proof of what he said. And that is why this one stands out for me the most. You can expect one more highlight near the end.
[Image: xvnjehV.jpg]
Yeah, brought the most emotions to me.
In the year of 2016 s1mple when in Liquid had some amazing plays. For me this was the best era for s1mple in 2016 just because of the friendship between Hiko and himself. I think that he felt the most comfortable in himself when he played on the team, s1mply because of the comfort. He had other plans and dreams which was joining Na'Vi a native language spoken team and probably what he wanted to join in that year. You could also say the same for k1ochima who plays for G2 eSports at the moment. He also would be somebody who is a good example of speaking English when it is not a native language, G2 is now considered as a European country even though most of the players are from the nordic countries like Sweden or Denmark. 

This is it!
Best play of s1mple from 2016. Valve made a mark on that wall under Heaven on the B Bombsite on Cache commemorating that moment. I mean, it was s1mply one of the best moments of 2016 and probably the best of his perfomance during the past few years. I mean a no-scope from that distance?! What is that, that's just nasty.

Now we get into the part of the incoming tournaments for 2016. 

  • DreamHack Masters 2017 Europe Closed Qualifier 1 day tournament 9th of January.
  • E-LEAGUE Major 22nd - 29th of January (link to the major post CLICK)
  • EPL Season 5 Online starts on 7th February ends on 18th of May.
  • IEM Katowice 2017 2rd - 5th of March.

  • Dreamhack Open Summer 2017
  • ESL One Cologne 2017
  • Dreamhack Open Winter 2017

Full list of all tournaments this year (CLICK)
[Image: 0JvFc9y.jpg]
ASUS ROG January 2017
This tournament is going on right now. And i must say it is a big thing, just because it is featuring a lot of teams that are liked by the community. For example izak's new team or Maikelele's new team.. SPUNJ is also playing with his 'strayan (australian) team. The peeps who qualified went into a bootcamp to Barcelona to play on the ASUS Laptops on a beach, litreally. And train there somehow. Aside of that it is a great tournament i recommend checking it out and watching it. It started yesterday and it is running right now for y'all fine folks who wanna watch it. It's still qualifiers to the semi-finals but i recommend watching, it's fun. (click)
[Image: IJVBc8O.png]
HLTV Top 10 Teams as of 2nd of January.

I must say that this year had a lot of things going on in the community, the community got bigger and more people started playing the game. With more people, more memes and that's just how it is. So this first ECO RUSH Episode is memes. All i have to say on that one.

Eco rush is a new youtuber, he is a polish guy. And he is also very lucky to succeed so much in one year. So these are some best moments from the ECO RUSH videos. I really hoped you enjoyed those little videos if you watched any, i appreciate it.

I worked pretty hard on this one, i must say it's a good start to a year. I cannot wait for the first few bigger tournaments with teams like Na'Vi or VP. We will see what's gonna go on. I will see you most likely next week. As always, i hoped you enjoyed this release of Reflections.
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