Begin 2017 with The Crew Gaming!
Begin 2017 with The Crew Gaming!
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2017 is just around the corner. In fact, as we're announcing our brief summary, some countries are already there. Previous year has been rather quiet for our community but very diverse for the whole game. Many different communities have emerged and began working on their projects. Regardless of Multi Theft Auto being one of the oldest Mutliplayer games, nothing stops us from creating our own project with the help of perhaps greatest and most experienced developer there is. Knowing that, number of curious players from all over the game is growing rapidly day by day but we are stubborn to keep our project secret due to the frequent and ugly desire to rip-off our creations. Nevertheless, we are here to review the past, the present and the future of TC:
Most of the milestones of 2016 have been covered by our previous leader in the Anniversary thread right here and we would like to add some extra mentions:
  • 2016.09.20 - 1 year's anniversary of The Crew,
  • 2016.10.30 - First peek into The Crew's server,
  • 2016.11.29 - Major leadership & internal changes,
  • 2016.12.31 - The Crew's public BETA registration airs the game.
Overall, it's been an interesting year. We've played many different clan wars, experimented different recruitment systems but we did it quietly. Our major task this year was to stay patient and to not reveal any particular secrets in public. However, as 2017 comes, the game changes..
[Image: bhnFanW.png]   The Crew Gaming BETA
Curiosity, impatience and one desire to preview The Crew's server has been requested many times by many different people. Having an experienced developer results in very professional way of working. It might seem slow, taking long, etc. But it's the work which is worth to wait.
A registration which has been teased in the previous release of The Crew News is now live for everyone to access! We believe that an early access for players will help us to prepare the server and launch it at it's finest. We currently have 27 BETA Testers that already own their guaranteed access to open BETA. We are willing to have a really careful selection from all the people that are going to register and pick 15 people that will not only help us out, but also get a chance to receive extra rewards for their effort! Don't miss your chance!
Access BETA: beta.TheCrewGaming.com
Direct Link
The lucky people that are going to win the access will be announced on January 15th, 2017. And we are not stopping there! On that same day, we are willing to announce & present our extra mini-project Discover The Crew which will still remain as a secret. If everything goes smooth and right, beginning of BETA is marked on 4th weekend of January. With all that being said, we invite you to stay with us during the whole January and prepare for a pile of exciting announcements!
As we move on further, we are staring at a huge mountain of challenges to climb up and conquer. With the emergence of the server, major website changes are planned to come as well. Originality still remains our top priority and we hope that you will notice it with the time running. For 2017, our main goal is to become nothing less but the best clan in the whole game. We hope that you will also set hardest challenges for yourself - go and prove everyone that you can do it! Work hard to achieve your life goals and have an unforgettable year!
-Administration of The Crew Gaming
Have fun people Smile
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Lets jump right into the new year folks! Happy new year!
Сука Блять в конце концов

"You handle your own when you become a man,
And become a man when you handle your own"
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Nice TCN bro
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Happy new year. #Hype 
oooooo things get tasty ^^

TCN <3
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Happy new year.

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