The Crew News #37 - Merry Christmas!
December 23rd, an early release of The Crew News and the day before festive weekend - wonderful Winter holidays. Merry Christmas wishes goes to every one of your families from The Crew Gaming! Nathan is currently visiting his relatives in Poland, therefore I will have to cover the basic and most important news from the game for couple of weeks. We've been going through major internal changes. Taking the steering wheel to our hands and keeping the stability is still a challenge. However, what's most important right now is the presentation of our, can't really find a correct word to describe it, perfection. As a holiday gift, we are going to reveal our first date which is for the beginning of Beta registrations. Find out more below!
Release 36 [Image: ev8o0fY.png]Release 38
It's a festive mood time for everyone, even for our mastermind Xiti! I've been trying to get his permission to reveal something that would excite the people that've been waiting for our server so impatiently and to my surprise, I succeeded! Ever since the 'Beta tests' term presentation, many communities have been using it for themselves to, as I suppose, hype up their players. On December 31st, right before the ending of the year 2016, we are willing to begin the process (registration) of allowing users from all over the game to visit our server before it's official release. Beta tests are not expected to take long at all so just to let you know, the wait for the opening will be short right after. Come over next Saturday!
[Image: MLbRFS4.png]
Looks pretty neat!
Announcement B from Zurio's crew came out on Monday and it reveals part of their secret project that reaches 3 years of slow development. As presented by Unix, the project is "A map editor that removes the hassle from setting up your mapping server, an editor that has all the tools you need on your fingertips, and the ability to use them with friends." which consists of the following:
  • All the mapping tools you need, without having to install them.
  • Map with friends, free of charge and without portforwarding/using hamachi.
  • Never lose your map, it's always in our database.
  • Never lose your progress, your changes are realtime.
  • Allow spectators to see, but not edit your map.
  • Edit permissions for any player, invite or revoke access.
  • Allow recorders to record your map without handing it over.
Moreover, Zurio administration had revealed the countdown for their official server release and a Limited Beta date which is set on Tuesday, 7th of February. Make sure to check that announcement out! (Click)
[Image: i7KWVRQ.png]
Even more Betas!
And there's another community that begins their Beta tests and that's Twisted Gamers. A clan that went through many ups and downs is finally ready to present their long waited creation to Multi Theft Auto. As the developer Jake says, Twisted Gamers' tests are expected to take approximately one month in order to eliminate various bugs and implement extra ideas from players. They are also willing to select 30 people to test their creation and to participate in the selection, you should visit their server and type in /beta command. Wishing them good luck and may they finally succeed! (Beta Thread)
[Image: 90Nx1Ee.png]
Legends in the battlefield again!
On last Sunday, there was a really cool clan war going on between two legendary clans: FFS Gaming and European Pro Gamers. Casted by FFS leader Sniper and his extra companion, the stream took a huge amount of over 4 hours time! If you've been spectating the stream, you should remember the appearance of our streamer Nathan, who also joined the cast group. The clan war went in the favor of European Pro Gamers since the beginning and FFS couldn't pull the victory off. The match ended with the score 11 - 9 for EPG. Congratulations and better luck next time, FFS!
FFS Gaming also presented their new major update for Protect The President room which contains bugfixes, new features and improvements. If you're a fan of the gamemode, make sure to give it a try! (FFS Changelog)

[Image: erlogo.png]
More Merry Christmas wishes!
Empire of Riders wishes a Merry Christmas to all of their community players and presents a brief summary of their updates! ER's main developer, Gallardo, had returned from army and therefore, development of Helium got multiple times faster! As teased many times before, Empire of Riders' new large update is coming at the end of next month and before that, even more information will be revealed at their official website. Besides extra role changes in their team, clan's color got changed as well! You may have noticed that it's a little bit darker right now and as Gallardo says, it has been changed in order to fit their new server. Keep the news coming!

The peak of simplicity!
And for our weekly Map of The Week promotion, I selected Zamilovv's - Solace. Solace is truly what I call the peak of simplicity due to it's smoothness, perfect execution and the track that doesn't get boring no matter how many times you play the map. Besides the great map, RiseR hopes that you enjoyed his quality improvement due to new product by AMD which is Radeon ReLive. I'd say the quality on this one is fantastic, well done both!
With that we will end our release for today. It comes early because I really am not sure whether I would have time to cover the news on the festive weekend or not. Make sure you have a great one and once again, check our website out before the new year and prepare for even more great news! Peace out.
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Can't wait for the beta!

Nice TCN Simas. Once again.
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Happy holidays to y'all fine folks!  I will be back soon.
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I'm so excited for the Beta, can't wait for it. " #Hype " 
Great news as always Mr.Simas , and Merry christmas!
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d7omey, xSimas
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haip haip haip

"You handle your own when you become a man,
And become a man when you handle your own"
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First of all, I would like to wish Merry Christmas to everyone. Enjoy your holidays and relax.

Great news as usually, Simas. I have been waiting for Beta tests for a long time.

P.S: The Christmas TCN design looks amazing!
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I'm so excited for the beta launching! Everyone go #hype!

I'd like to wish all of you a good and healthy 2017 and a merry christmas! Wink
nice + nice for epg <3 
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