The Crew News #36 - Updates, Trials and Events.
Welome ladies and gents to yet another article of your weekly news. It's Nathan and i am pleased to bring you the news this week once again. I've got some event news and yes, as you probably guessed by the title. Trials, more about that down below. Hopefully it will be a happy evening for those guys. I've got nothing more to type here really, so hope you relax and enjoy this weeks news.
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Oh, trials..
First off, we've got the trials announce and get them over with. Before i mention the names i wanted to say that this is our last recruitment for now. And we are not going to open the JR Section for a few good months. So thanks to anybody who tried, the decision was not the easiest one, but at the end a choice has been made. Please welcome: iZero, Jmick, NesoN and Lucek
I hope y'all won't disappoint us, and i wish the very best of luck to the four of you with your trial period. To the rest of you, make sure to keep on following us as by months will go we might open the recruitment section once again. So, stay tuned for that!
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Totally badass!
As you might have noticed there are going to be events announced, and that is it. DD is on the move once again with Project Beast, as they are making an interesting tournament. Known has organized a DD event that will have 10 rounds and will consist of 4 rounds each half and a fun round each per one half. There is going to be 3 players participating and 1 reserve just in the case of anything for each team as well. Casually, the last standing player/s will win the round for their team. The team that will win the whole tournament and the 2nd and the 3rd place will get some cool prizes. You can get more details on the official page of the event by clicking Here.
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Pure professionalism!
And another tournament going down, and yes it's another DD tournament. It's organized by the Die Kekse clan, a very well known DD clan. They are making a cool league named "Winterfall 2016 League". sEEk, one of our Co-Leaders is going to be a part of the managment team for the tournament, how exciting is that? Also, Die Kekse doesn't do it like any other event or a war. That is why the triumphant team that will strive and show the skill of strategical aspect and team-play will win an amazing title of what they have achieved by Die Kekse themselves. That is pretty cool and it really seems like the competition on the Winter League should be huge. It's like watching a Major Tournament but in DD, right? Well, it might seem like one and i wish the very best of luck to the organization of the whole event.
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News from the last second!
These news are as fresh as.. as.. well, i don't know, but UcS and Zurio just had a DM Clanwar. It was a good match but UcS took out Zurio by 12 points to 8. It was quite enjoyable and maybe one day they'll get their revenge! Make sure to stay tuned on the UcS and/or Zurio YouTube channel for the replay of the match. I am sure it will come in, in a few hours as i can't give you the link right now cuz it's so fresh!         
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And another update from TG. It was a short post coming from MisterQuestions as he announced that the TG 3.0 is indeed real, and they will be doing Beta Testing on the 27th of December. So, all of you fine folks should stay on top of those kinda stuff. If you really want to get some more info about this then you should go and check out the official forum page on TG's website by clicking Here.
So, as for the map of the week we've chosen iRampage v3. As he is quite a new mapper, this v3 has personally surprised me in the terms of quality. And what has increased it was Reflex. He has done an amazing job on recording the whole thing and editing it. The cinematic at the intro part is amazing where he transitions from the cinematic to the play state straight away, that was surprisingly innovative and fits in well with the whole part. The smoothness of the map made it so much better as the track objects have been chosen too well to fit the theme of the amazing night deco, when you're watching it just brings that sparkle to your eye. That is why we chose it. It's quite cool!
Well, that was it for this week ladies and gents, we again say congratz the new meat and we hope we'll get along well. I hope you enjoyed yet another one of my TCN pieces. This one was number 36, and oh man, oh man how the time flies. Until next time!

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Yay! Fresh meat. Congratz guys! especially JmicK.
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Mazda, 'TC| Nathan
the doom of beasts pls, wade invited to ref 
gz trials :3
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'TC| Nathan
Well done to iZeroJmickNesoN and Lucek! For getting into the trials team. Big Grin
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'TC| Nathan
Exciting news as usual. Good job nathan bro you've made nice work Smile. and also I'd to congratz to new peeps @Neson(<3),@İZero,@Jmick and @Lucek
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'TC| Nathan
Congratz to  iZero, Jmick, NesoN, Lucek!

Goodluck guys and i hope you gonna have a nice time in TC Wink
For me maby next time better...

Greetz Big Grin
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Before one or two hours i was talking with NesoN about his jr xd. I'm happy for you NesoN and wanted to see you again in TC.

amk TK

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Congratulations guys!

"You handle your own when you become a man,
And become a man when you handle your own"
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Hopefully it will be a nice week!
Congratulations trials Smile

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I'm very excited, thanks guys! Heart
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