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The Crew News #68 - Something Begins - Nathan - 03-26-2018

A warm greeting to each and all this evening. This late evening in fact. I sincerely apologize for posting this on a Monday evening, but had to give time to something that was important, it was a decision that will pop up in this release. Now, this specific release won't be too 'spicy' because it won't be too long, I will have two to three pieces of information for you, some of it will be important but some of it won't, as always. Nevertheless, I am going to give what I have into it as that is what I always do, I hope you enjoy it and be a little excited for what is about to appear.
[Image: dLJB078.png]
  [Image: c2QJ506.png]
[Image: CTvJjPN.gif]
It's been a while since this has happened, but it was quite the event to witness. Now, I want to leave all discussion aside, there may or may not have been reasons for a disadvantageous failure or success in the event, I am not the one to judge as I wasn't in it, I've heard some things, but I will just continue as usual. The event ended favouring xN , we all know how they are through the means of their skill. What I know has improved is the amount of respect that is being shown to everybody throughout the event, the amount of unnecessary discussion has gotten lower, which is always great to see. Our team has done a good job but as always, those kind of match-ups show us that there is always something to improve on as a good competitor learns at all times. GG to xN.

[Image: JdvhjMf.png?1]

And here we go, another tournament that is organized by SHC. Although we haven't seen one for the past few months, we are getting one now. You might have seen this being announced on the forum earlier this month, but I've decided to put it in here as a fill-up and to help Tomba and his crew to make more people register for the tournament. I won't be explaining much of what is going on the tournament, but the tournament is a Shooter tournament, it wouldn't be SHC if it would be without a good, skill-filled atmosphere of course! You still have time to apply, although soon enough the registration period will end so be quick! You can find the registration page by pressing HERE, thanks for SHC for providing this topic and I wish you all the very best of luck.
[Image: OpCiOC6.png]
You all know what its time for when you see that white TC logo. Some of you may actually think that we have an update coming up, I mean its not a bad guess but I do have to admit that you are incorrect. We do have a new trial member coming up, a member that has been added to our lovely collection, that sounded more spooky than anything else I've wrote, anyway. Please do welcome;

In our team as he has at least successfully joined our team after a long period. Now you know how it feels Darkyz, heh. Do enjoy the stay but also share your love and passion for the legacy that is the game of MTA with all of us. Give a warm welcome to the chap, he has shown his loyalty through persistence, which is one of the big aspects of a personality that matters to us at TC.
[Image: c2QJ506.png]

Well, Fusion has never failed us, has he not? He is one of the legendary mappers of this mode that is DM and indeed his maps will never fail us, because that is just the amount of trust we put in when he pretty much sweeps the floor at the time he posts a new baby. A lot of you most likely played this already, and indeed, I've played this too, a highly enjoyable map. iRenox did an incredible job in decorating the map, so well done to him as well, as Micra said the map wouldn't be possible without the decoration that iRenox has delivered, and he has delivered very well. Well done to Micra who has came back to us with outstanding quality on the simply edit, looking forward for some more work of yours in the near future. Great job to all, thanks for this map!
And the main reason for why we end with a good map, is to end the release with a good vibe, even if it wasn't the most exciting, it surely was successful. And that is my goal each and every single time I end with the release. Once again, those breaks in between the what is supposed to be a weekly release won't stop. But don't worry, I will be finished with them soon as the gears of development have been given oil and so everything is up and running again when it comes to the daily development. So, as always guys thanks for reading and enjoy the rest of your week, stay safe!
[Image: 0PBd8Mw.png]
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RE: The Crew News #68 - Something Begins - Krzysztof - 03-26-2018

Darkyz you got it! I'll miss Mazda's and Trend's posts..
TCN a bit short but well written, waiting for more news in a near future.

RE: The Crew News #68 - Something Begins - Eyecatcher - 03-26-2018


RE: The Crew News #68 - Something Begins - Dusky - 03-26-2018

gz darkyz

RE: The Crew News #68 - Something Begins - Nathan - 03-26-2018

Forgot to mention


RE: The Crew News #68 - Something Begins - Ron1 - 03-26-2018

Gz darkyz!
Well written as always Nathan)))

RE: The Crew News #68 - Something Begins - CresPro - 03-26-2018


RE: The Crew News #68 - Something Begins - Nebla - 03-27-2018

Well writen bro! Congratz DarkyZ bro!

RE: The Crew News #68 - Something Begins - DarkyZ - 03-27-2018

Thank you so much everyone! Awesome news as always Nathan <3

RE: The Crew News #68 - Something Begins - Tzuyu - 03-27-2018