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Who agree with me that this game is fucking shit then hit a LIKE button! South Americans(Monkeys) could press DISLIKE button as always.
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5 months ago
Hello everyone!

Message from our team:
We would like to thank to MTA community for supporting us for all that amazing years. Also we would like to thank to Exade for this amazing video and Tomba for gathering all videos from past 3 years. At the end one of our player would like to apologize to whole community for all shits he has done through all those years. 
daniel#mrx, tomba#mrx and neson#mrx

[Image: y3W3pGe.png]
Feel free to use this tag to show support towards our players.
[Image: aimordie.jpeg.png.920b6794d564762cdd853b9ca8293502.png]
Hello everybody, with all my pleasure i want to announce our next tournament, after succesfull  ''Battle of Destruction"  we are going to organize "Aim or die" Shooter Tournament .

This event will be played in the system of tournament ladder with 16 teams, after complete the teams registration we'll make a draw for a each stage(1st,2nd,3rd etc) which will show us the tournament couples. The teams can be real clans or fun teams made especially for this tournament,
The Tournament server:
SHC DM Clanwar Server
To be a part of this event, you must open this LINK and register your team/clan.

  • Each team consists on 3 players and  min. 1 reserves(optional : 2).
  • Each match will be played in the system to 10 points (first team which get 10 point wins)
  • Each team will choose 1 map from the Tournament map list for each match. The maps wil be played alternately
  • Each player which already got a team can't play for another team (serials check)
  • If you miss your match without a valid reason, your opponents team get auto 3 points after 15 min waiting.
  • If the team has less than 4 members in the server, the team will be disqualified.
  • Only the players which are listed on the player list are allowed to play.
  • In case of camping, your team will instantly lose the round (a warning will be only issued once).
  • If someone times out before the map starts, we redo the map.
  • If someone times out while the map is running (if he is alive), we play further.
  • Do not spam, insult or provoke another contestant for any reason.
  • If someone lags too much, reserve player plays then.
  • If anyone is caught cheating/hacking in any way, he will be banned from the event.
  • Minimum FPS limit is 40
  • Maximum Ping limit is 250
  • Time limit of each round is 15 minutes (if someone times up we will redo round)
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1 year ago
I was annoyed how is WazeR showing his "skills" against low players so I have decided to challenge him.
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tomba#mrx 5-2 WazeR 

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started new topic [DM] SM ft. ??
1 year ago

If you are interested, contact him via skype : kmicic1996
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left a reply on RE: TC vs. 6s #2
1 year ago
GG WP ez win :)

(11-02-2017, 18:11), PrAKeR Wrote:
Hey,, I didn’t get why you posted this here but looks like you want to make more haters for us, also I’d like to talk about you. I’m sick of your bullshit you fucking racist, I’m not Latin that’s right but it doesn’t mean you’re not racist for others and i faced the same things from you., if you want to share bullshit, i would share Lucy with everyone here. Your personal life. I don’t want to talk about it but your personality made me attack you like this. Stop your racist towards everybody, try to fix your problem, You was drunk when we fought to forget everything it’s not hard to do it again ??. Maybe you pretended but still I don’t care. For any Latin sees this, just ignore this idiot retard bitch because he’s braindead.
Yeah I’m still waiting.
About the clanwar. It was in your server and your rules. And we had only Ruso with ping 150, the rest are less than that. Meanwhile your players are Athenian, Gunz and UkF. No offense guys you all have my respect especially Gunz, but im just showing him his excuses of lost are shitty and unbelievable, even i came late, at the end of the clanwar and tomba banned the refs of the clanwar. He didn’t even respect the refs ??. I’m sorry if you feel I’m rude but this is the only way to deal with Tomba.
I usually don’t give a shit about it but this one needed to read from two sides to understand
Did you notice that I'm just showing eats from that clanwar but I'm blaming MTA :D ? Did you notice that MTA logo there ? Did you notice that "Only in Multi Theft Auto" ? 
About this shit now "South Americans(Monkeys) could press DISLIKE button as always.", I wrote this because some people from South America decided to dislike every single video that I made. When I checked analytics, they just clicked on the video, pressed dislike button and cya! 
All these pictures in that video are eats from Beast members, in that video is 30 pictures of their eats. All that shit happend in 10 fucking rounds! Sooo tell me who is unskilled here ? Me or these noobs who ate me 30 shots.
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1 year ago

Who agree with me that this game is fucking shit then hit a LIKE button! South Americans(Monkeys) could press DISLIKE button as always.
Awesome tool, till now I was using something like this. :D :monkey:

[Image: vnGbgXl.jpg]
Shit :/ I would make it better.