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Wow, welcome back eP!
haha i still remember the day that i tried to join eP! as DM Players and then got denied, but thats fineSmile it sure bring a lots of memory too in my DM carrer.

and yeah another news from simas, cool things that i shouldnt be skipped! great news as usuall

and krazystoff, gg m8 still osom
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10 months ago
That was cute TC box
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10 months ago
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11 months ago

(02-20-2018, 17:32), Marque~ Wrote:

(02-20-2018, 4:07), Tzuyu Wrote:
gg ez
oki :D
Just jokin m8 <3
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11 months ago
gg ez
yey im back here again :) great news nathan

congratulations to all new trials, especially gamer my old buddy!
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1 year ago
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1 year ago
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1 year ago
Happy anniversary 1 decades, my ex team!
Wish you always keep stronger and stay competitive against new racing team.

Thanks for evaluate and teach me how to play well for few months on SiK, it was honored for me.
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1 year ago
Gosh, 2003... Its been 14 years since we're started our clan. We have achieved the oldest clan ever that exist until now
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1 year ago
Hey arsal, its nice to see you here.
You may forgot me but i am used nick DogeHaris or whatsoever it called before

Enjoy your stay here, and yes, the server isnt open yet