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The Crew Gaming
“The Crew Gaming founded in 2013 by: Doxiu, Xiti, Jasiek, PolakMaly, Tarin, SlowSheep and Gilu. At the moment The Crew is a racing clan, that owns a server in Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas, aspiring to expand into a large gaming community. The most advanced racing multi-gamemode server and our ways to optimize to allow players with less efficient computers have fun on the server are our pride. Our actual aim is to provide you the best playing experience by hosting tournaments with pleasant rewards and giving you access to the best racing server in MTA. We hope to achieve that with our administering staff and owners: Tarin & Xiti.” - About us

        The Crew Gaming is ready to welcome you on this website that we have worked on for about 4 months already. From this place I want to say thank you for deciding to visit our website and showing interest in our organization. I sincerely apologize to everyone who waited that long to visit this website. It was not an easy task to develop such project because we are using an old MyBB engine fully redesigned by our webmaster and my co-owner, Xiti.
        Currently the website is at the beta stage of its development as it lacks some features that are going to be added quite soon. Some things have to be fixed to improve your experience of using your forum. We appreciate every single post in the "Forum beta testing" reporting everything you can spot or what you miss on our website/forum. We do not have specified date when the final version of the website will be available. Even if the website is not fully developed and optimised yet it is the fastest website in Multi Theft Auto so far in my opinion. Just try it yourself and compare to others.
The Clan
       I would also like to say a very warm hello to our administrating staff that is going to take care of you, players. I kindly want to introduce our members that came here from Very Important Players after that very unfortunate occurance for them. Let us welcome: AronDJ, Broken, Diogo, Flare, Frankaa, Konewa, KarolPL, Lx, Ron1, Shadox, Troy, Vento and xDarking. Another kind welcome for those old members of The Crew that decided to join us back: Fancy and Kucky. Warm greeting for invited members that joined while we were developing the website: Alien, DeHusky and FileXy. Our three of seven founders: SlowSheep and PolakMaly which joined from VIP and GiLu who decided to rejoin us as soon as we announced reopening. Likewise there is obviously the ownership in persons of me and Xiti. Currently The Crew has twenty-three members, twenty-one full members, two owners and one clan leader. Presently roles in the clan are not assigned yet, however xDarking is our External Affairs manager taking care of the clan wars for example.
Aims and objectives
      Our main objective is to finish the server as soon as possible to let you be entertained playing on our multi-gamemode server that consist of classic racing gamemodes such as: Deathmatch, Destruction Derby, Race, Shooter, Hunter and one original gamemode developed by us. Our server is powered by xiMultiGamemode. By an upgraded version of that engine which I believe is the fastest and the most optimized server in Multi Theft Auto so players with low computers can experience fun of playing on our server. So why do not you invite your friends here? The server is going to be hosted on a powerful dedicated machine so we can handle many players and so you do not experience anything unpleasant. In the future we are willing to become something more than just a clan in MTA. We want to organize tournaments, not only in MTA with serious prize pools (expect one pretty soon). We are planning on joining e-sports as well as making MTA Racing more competitive so very good MTA players can be rewarded for playing such magnificent game we all love. 
 Join requests
      Join Requests are now open. We are mainly looking for DD players to create a DD competitive section for us as well as we are looking for very professional and mature people to administer our servers. We want to invite everyone with any kind of skill make their join request. So why do not you make your own?
     Since reopened The Crew played two deathmatch clan wars against EsR and pS. Both won with result of 13-7 and 20-0. Thank you everyone who participated in these games, Referees, players and obviously spectators.
     It is the end of that announcement. I really appreciate if you managed to read it all. That shows your interest in The Crew. So once more, thank you my co-owner, members and future community. Enjoy your stay here.
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2 years ago
no nieźle Natan
The podcast idea is indeed great.
one of the best releases of TCN
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left a reply on RE: Feedback
2 years ago

(11-27-2016, 21:23), Surenos Wrote:
First of all, I would like to say big thanks towards Tarin for whole tournament. You had balls to not listen to anyone and just started it, without knowing what will be. I'm not sure why players from other countries did blame you for several reasons, maybe because this tournament was a bit different and there were some issues. It's stupid that a lot of players insulted Tarin, without any good reasons. Even polaks said bad things about tournament, but at the end only 3-4 of them came to their match. I understand, that maybe some of you had something else to do, but I know who didn't come just on purpose. That's miserable and disrespectfull in my opinion, pretty foolish attitude. Even during Final game, I saw that EnyNight said that this National Cup is shit etc. Stupid words from stupid guy, what else I can say.
Suggestions for next tournaments - you could make brackets for those who lose as well, maybe you saw how it was at Captain's Cup. Otherwise it's pretty stupid situation for those, who lost just because some of their best players didn't come. Another thing, as you might know, is the server where to play. Before GER vs LAT match we changed about 4-5 servers, and started cw with 30 minutes delay.

Thank you for the feedback. Unfortunately we had to switch the servers because people claimed they experienced fps drops on our server therefore Thank you IDC and Davy for letting me host most of the matches on your server.
About the loser bracket. The only one reason why there was no groups or loser bracket was that it was hosted in october/november. I couldn't afford that much time to referee that many games and also supervise potential referees if there was more matches played parallel to each other. Next time (around summer holidays) expect way much bigger national cup with no server issues and full team of referees supervising the tournament.
Your nickname: Tarin
     [DM] Kucky ft. Tarin & PolakMaly - Azure Roses
     [DM] Darmos ft. Miketz - Royal White
     [DM] Qwince ft. Driver, Partyz & Cool - Breeze

     [DM] Gtaetero - Dark Inception IV
     [DM] Micra v18 - Flawless
     [DM] TulioTC ft. Exodo - Magnetic Love III

     [DM] AbodyRulez ft. WW - Dark Glare 2
     [DM] Andershell ft. Micra - Need for Skill 2
     [DM] Chipy - Descendant Skills III
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started new topic Feedback
2 years ago
If you have any comments or suggestions how to improve the future editions of National Cup reply here.
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started new topic Country Tier List
2 years ago
A Tier List based on teams performance in our recent National Cup and on best players from Best Pairs

Tier 1:
Balkan Countries* 

Tier 2:

Potential Tier 2***:
Czech Republic/Slovakia

* It is not an actual country but if we will be having balkan countries in next tournament they are going to be considered as T1 team.
** Peru will be considered Tier 1 team if Balkan countries won't be participating in future tournament
*** Country that is going to become Tier 2 team in case Balkan countries won't be participating in future tournament:
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started new topic Vote for tournament's MVP
2 years ago
As Above
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2 years ago
Latvia smashed all their opponents and became the winner of the first The Crew Race National Tournament. They had a difficult journey being in the hardest side of the bracket and had to face such opponents like Germany, a team that is considered one of the strongest in MTA world.

Let's congratulate:

• Davy
• Vjakso (MVP of the finals)
• Surenos
• Apfel
• Jaykayel

Russia takes the second place and Balkan countries the third place
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2 years ago
mtasa:// - Server for the finals